Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


21. Sword

. . Field. . .

. . . Outside the city.  .  .

Data was sitting down on a big boulder cleaning his blade. He saw a white flash belonging to his foe appear across from him. The android stood up locking eyes on the entity. He put the rag on the boulder then stepped forward.

"So annoying," Q said. "Trying to make a entire civilization! That makes a lot of inbreeding you realize that?"

"I do," Data said. "But everyone still looks human."

Q stepped forward.

"Oh yeah, because you have the equipment to do so," Q made a musket with a bayonet appear in his hands.  "Just because I am very annoyed with you does not mean I am heavily distracted. In fact I will take you out right here, first, and then all your little friends will be next!"

Q fired at the android.

Data dodged the bullet then launched a unexpected blow by smacking q hard to the ground using his fist.

"Why you--"

Data aimed the sword below Q's neck.

"I learned from the best."  Data said.

Q sneered.

"You learned from the lost." Q said.

Q  struck at the sword sending it flying away a good several feet from Data and aimed the musket at Data's face.

"Wrong." Data said, then he ducked the shot then kicked straight at Q's face knocking the entity over to the ground.

This  Q had the appearance of a young man with wavy blonde hair, green eyes,and had a dark suit on. He had a set of earrings on his ears that were a product of silver. Data picked up the sword by the handle  then their swords clashed. The android stepped back further and further then he went forwards making a slit on the side of  Q's face. Data was determined. Data could see a small starship headed up for the sky.

"Fun fact," Data said. "Did you know the Fairy was going to be named the USS Yorktown."

"Yes." Q said, fighting against Data.

"The Enterprise, originally,was going to be named Yorktown," Data said.  "And there is something else you do not know!"

Data stepped forward jabbing into Q's shoulder then he yanked the blade out with ease.

"What!" Q shouted, holding the sword up.

"I have the consciousness of Captain  Data in my processor," Data said. "He is the one who knows more about sword fighting. I never learned and applied sword fighting until today." For once Data had a small smile as Q froze there contemplating the idea of two Data's in one body. "Gotcha," Then he stabbed right into the chest of Q. "Q."

Data stepped aside as Q hurled over.

"NO!" Q screamed. "What did you do!"

Data started to walk away.

"I just stabbed a Q into you," Data said. "There must be some light in that heart left behind."

White holes started to appear all over Q.

"NO!" Q screamed, falling to his knees on the grass.

The white cracks inside started to spread over.

"Mission accomplished." Data said.

Q lifted his head up toward the sky where he screamed it and in a very large white flash he was gone.

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