Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


8. Romance in the air

. . . Enterprise. . 

. . . Wednesday  . . . 4:40 PM. . .

Data appeared in the original Enterprise in the section where his other self is talking to a Klingon. He had his back pressed against the side of the wall waiting for Yar to come by. Unlike the other Data, he and Yar had divorced two years ago. Data takes care of the children. He saw Yar coming down the hall holding a phaser in her hand. She had short hair that was better than the one she had the first time they met. That was ten years ago. Ten long years. She had some dark highlights in her hair (which was unlike his Yar) that earned a raised eyebrow from the man.  He had to step in her way, fast.

In fact, he remembered their first kiss.

"Data. . .  I am so dying." Yar said, covering her wound.

"No, you are not." Data had said.

"Don't argue with a dying woman!" Yar had said.

Data looked over to her bleeding wound located in where the lungs are.

"I will argue as I please as you are clearly not infected," Data had said. "Your injury is non-life threatening."

"Data, shut up and kiss me." And with that Yar dragged Data into a kiss with her hand around the backside of his head. 

It was a beautiful, brilliant and fascinating kiss.

Data thought of the kiss for weeks afterwards.

"Yar." Data said, grabbing Yar by the wrist.

Yar turned in the direction of Data.

"Let me go, Brent." Yar said.

"My name is Data," Data said. "I told you to stop calling me that."

"But that's your birthname." Yar said.

"No, that is not my name," Data said, then he yanked the phaser out and clipped it into safety mode. "My name is Data Soong."

Data grabbed her by the waist  with his free hand and this time,for good luck, he brought Yar into a rather enjoyable steamy kiss. It was more like the kind not a woman would get from someone who's technically their ex-husband in another universe. Data started to fade away and his grip started to lose its force. Yar put her hand around the back of Data's head and damn did she enjoy it. It was the kind of kiss she didn't expect from her husband, it was more of a lover who had been gone for two years. She could have had a brilliant make out session with him but. . .That was not mean to be. Or maybe it was; paradox-wiping tends to be slow in moments like these.

Data broke the kiss.

"I love you, Natasha." Data said. And I always will, Data thought.

Yar had a unpleased look about her face.

It was as though someone took her lollipop.

"Data, shut up and kiss me." Yar said.

"Ah, you never lost your spark." Data said.

"Pick me up." Yar said.

"In my arms?" Data said.

"Yes." Yar said.

"Do you realize how that would look?" Data asked.

"I am a Ensign," Yar said. "That wouldn't matter. Now if I were a lieutenant. . . You know how the story would be."

Data, for the moment appeared to be solid, then had a smile.

"Why of course." Data said.

Data picked Yar up into his arms and he walked ever so casually down the hall. Lieutenant Worf  came to the double Data's direction.  Lieutenant Worf's eyes grew wide seeing the two in what seemed to be a 'lover's gaze'. Worf shook his head then right past them where he vanished into thin air. Data 2 went into a nearby unoccupied room. The doors closed behind the two Soong couple.

One hour later, Yar came out with her jacket zipped down to reveal her yellow shirt.

The only thought on Yar's mind  was: Where did Data go?

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