Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


9. Q's message

. . .Thursday .  .

. . . Enterprise. . . 6:48 AM. . .

John. . .


JOHN! ! !

John-Luc had been engaged in meditation to clear his thoughts away. He could not sleep. Not even a smidge. Being part Q meant operating as though you are perfectly fine and with a gifted sense of stamina. Appearing to be so unaffected without sleep for so long. He was almost there to becoming a Q. Non-Corporeal life forms did not need to rest. His organic half was fading away. John-Luc opened his eyes looking around for the source of the voice in his mind.

I am not appearing anytime soon, John, I am currently deciding the fate of a Q.  Came Q's voice.

Ah, so this entire time you've been in trial? John-Luc asked.

The process is a little more complicated than how it was in the 21st century for you humans. Q mused. I am more focused on carrying this decision out at the moment.

Why did you call me? John-Luc asked.

The space anomaly's are out of my control, Q replied, I will see you after the trial, honey, love you.

Love you too, John-Luc thought back.

Then Q's voice went silent in John-Luc's head.

Suddenly the Enterprise tilted over sending the man sliding down.  He saw a couch poking halfway out of the wall, and the electronics sizzling out electrical sparks.  John-Luc grabbed into the frame of the wall. The temporal abnormalities had stopped hours ago after the Klingons were beamed straight down to the Klingon OutPost. The Ring had been destroyed due to the Romulan firing. John-Luc kept his grip on strongly, so he looked down to see a black hole laying at where the bathroom is. The entire bathroom was engulfed in a dark circular black hole. He was scared and definitely afraid. You are becoming a Q,John-Luc reminded himself,you can make it vanish! Well he is becoming a Q so not yet completely a Q.


"ENTER!" John-Luc shouted.

Davis entered the room wearing gravity boots.

"Captain, we have detected--" Davis started but he never did get to finish his statement.

"DAVIS!" John-Luc shouted, stretching his arm out for the young man.

John-Luc could hear the screams of Davis as he was merged into the floor halfway. It was horrifying to say for the least to see this happen to a young man. He focused on the point before he had entered the room rewinding time in away. He focused all of his energy on bringing back the life of William B Davis. He heard the three distinctive beeps. Davis.  It was Davis. He knew who it was! Davis was not to die until 2390 in a starship crash. John-Luc stretched his arm out toward the black hole concentrating it to a specific shape. The shape of a ball. It became relatively small enough to be designated a football. John-Luc thought of  a universe that was only inhabited by flies.

I want to take this ball hole to a universe with planets inhabited by flies, John-Luc thought.

In a gassy like haze, the black hole vanished.

John-Luc fell to his feet.


"Enter." John-Luc said. 

"Captain, what just happened?" Davis asked.  "One moment there was excessive energy here and now there isn't."

"I will explain at the briefing room." John-Luc said.

"May I go, sir?" Davis asked.

"You are dismissed." John-Luc said.

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