Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


22. Punishment

. . . Trial. . .

Q was bound in a strong chain to prevent him from moving being ice cold and very rock based. We had turned him temporary into a Proto-Q while we decided his fate. The fate that his friend Q was forced to endure. We had to bring back a Q who was very innocent and had been a bystander. A bystander that simply put tried to help his friend after he went into the dark side of super space. It was a big no-no in the continuum.

"We have come to a decision." Judge Q said.

"For your actions against the Q continuum." Judge Q 2 said.

"And for the multiverse." I added.

"Your entire existence will be erased," Judge Q said. "Everything you've done. . . Will be undone. . . No one will ever know of you."

Q stared at us in horror.

"But.  . . But . . . But . ." Q said.

"Someone else will do all the 'good things' you had done before," I said. "Destroying everyone's toys is the worst you have done."

"Your status as a Q and Proto-Q is hereby revoked. . . forever," Judge Q said. "And you are nothing but a plate of amoeba."

Soon as it was all said and done; we took away that sentience, his personality, his will, and transformed the human corpse into a amoeba.

What did we do with it?

We turned it into the Space Amoeba that fed off life energy and send it into the past where the crew of the Enterprise will destroy it.

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