Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


11. Players

. . . Q continuum. . .

"Honey, you finally materialized your own body after one thousand years!" Came Q, apparently excited, and delighted.

John-Luc was at first baffled.

"Wait what?" John-Luc said.

". . . You exploded, remember?" Q asked.

"No, I did not." John-Luc said.

"Yes, you did." Q said.

"Quarty, I do not recall exploding," John-Luc said. "And if I did, I would have remembered."

"You regained all your knowledge, memories, and your sentience. You relearned to do everything. Don't you remember that?. . ." Q asked.

"Quarty, I recall being on the bridge."  John-Luc said.

"No matter, you're a Q now and you can go around calling yourself a Q." Q said.

"How do I look to your perception?" John-Luc asked.

"You look like you to me, John," Q said, with a smile. "To everyone, eh, you're just a random big flying white ball capable of changing size and changing their perception of everything!" He grabbed John-Luc by the shoulder then pointed at the sky like there was a huge billboard floating in mid air.  "Just imagine all the lives you'll touch!"

"As a Q." John-Luc said.

Q nodded, rapidly, very excited.

"Yes, as a Q!" Q said, now facing toward John-Luc with hands on both sides of his shoulders. "You have a entire universe to create."

"I can always skip to the era where they have starships." John-Luc said.

"That is the best time to jump in." Q agreed.

Then in a white flash a young man randomly appeared.

"Hey Dad, is that one of your toys?" This young Q asked,

"Q . . . meet Q." Q said.

Q  looked at John-Luc.

This Q used to be Q Junior but now he's grown up into a fairly nice appealing young man who hadn't aged a day.

"But . . . But . . . That is Jean-Luc!" Q said.

"Used to be John-Luc Picard of Vulcan," John-Luc said. "Remember me when you visited us on Colo?"

There appeared a look of realization and recognition on Q's face.

"Dad. . . Did you . . . Tell me you didn't bring him to our level." Q said, glaring at Q's direction.

"No, he didn't,rest assured that was all my own. . ." John-Luc tilted his head. "Strange. . . I used to be so confused how you refer to each other by Q. I used to think you went around labeling everyone Q without really giving the time to give them proper names." He looked at the sky  then at the buildings that represented different parts of the universes. "But I understand now, I know which Q is who. . . And  it makes complete sense with me."

"Q, this is your father-in-law as a Q," Q said. "And he has a lot to learn about creating."

"Did he explode or something?" Q asked.

"Yes." Q said.

"You do realize Q still smells like smoke." Q said, pinching his nose.

"It is not my fault he over thought it." Q said,

"Damn Vulcans and their thinking." Q thought, then he vanished into a white flash.

"Q. . ." John-Luc said, turned toward his Q's direction. "What did you do for the past one thousand years?"

"I waited and played, but mostly waited," Q said. "It got boring bothering Jean-Luc after throwing mixed universes at his direction for 100 years."

Never had John-Luc laughed that hard.

"Oh Q," John-Luc said. "What is the first lesson?"

"A pocket universe."  Q said.

"A. . pocket universe . . ." John-Luc said.

A smile grew on Q's face.

God had he missed John-Luc.

"Not what you are thinking," Q said. "It is a distorted echo of any universes. It can be a pocket dimension. They often exist in the bounds of another universe in the shape of an orb easily able to be hidden into a pocket."

"Can you show me how to create a pocket universe?" John-Luc said.

"Sure."  Q  said.

"And Q, remember  that favor." John-Luc said.

Q's face turned a heated red.

"Really? Is that the first thing you think of?" Q asked.

"I have yet to fulfil my part of the favor,if I am not mistaken, Q." John-Luc said.

The redness vanished off Q's face.

"Ahhh, you're such a player." Q said, with a smug grin as they held hands. 

"That we are." John-Luc agreed.

Then they vanished off into a white flash.

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