Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


12. New toys

 . . 2364. . .

 . . . USS Fairy . . .

The day on the starship was rather young. The captain had recently been assigned to this ship along with his first officer Worf, his second officer William Shakespeare (who held the Ops station), his security/tactile officer Matthew Kendricks a Romulan person, his science officer being a Cardassian named Valeek, Chief Security Officer Jack Crusher, Chief  Engineer Geordi La Forge, and Ensign Carly Richards  (she manned the conn) to name a few.  The captain? His name was William T. Riker Troi.  Wed to Deanna Troi.

Captain Riker was in his chair with his wife Deanna Troi, the counselor, by his side.

From the corner of Worf's eye appeared a white flash. 

Worf stood up turning in the direction of this white flash startling his captain. 

"Hello!" John-Luc said. "I am Q, but you may call me John-Luc. I am from the Q continuum." He walked along the rail with all eyes on him. He had chosen his Vulcan form to walk around in since his other self did not exist in this timeline. "There are certain things you should not and shall not mess with."

"And what is that?" Riker asked, now standing up. 

"Going through the space time continuum at a rebellious slow speed,"  John-Luc said, sliding a finger on the rail. "Where are you visiting?"

"StarPoint." Riker said.

"I highly urge you to turn around and explore somewhere else," John-Luc said. "Because that is a very bad place to start your first voyage."

"How do you know what is bad and what is not bad when you can be one standing on my bridge being the bad one here!" Riker said.

"I easily get so on your nerves, don't I?" John-Luc said, with a smile after he observed the lack of dust on his finger. He was in Star Fleet uniform.

"Get off my bridge, Q!" Riker demanded.

I told you he would totally say that, Q thought.

John-Luc smirked.

"Too bad, you are going to Starpoint and you'll see why I class it as the most 'non-visiting' location," John-Luc said. "And nothing you do will change your navigation, Captain Riker!"

John-Luc snapped his fingers making the Fairy flying onwards.

"Q!" Riker shouted.

Worf leaped right at John-Luc only for him to vanish letting Worf crash land on the floor.

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