Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


5. Needing reassurence

. . .Wednesday. . .

. . . .Enterprise 4:38 PM. . .

Commanders log: I have been informed by the captain of his impending departure. I feel sad at the loss of a friend. Perhaps . . .Perhaps we will meet again, I am sure of that.  My wife, Yar, has been demoted to a Ensign. Our twins, Geordi and John (Named after my captain and former security officer) are curious to why there are Klingons aboard the ship. I have told them the truth. I am taking all precaution to ensure she does not try to disrupt a historical event. We have fought back against the Romulans for the past two hours. The Romulans have ceased fire . . . And the Klingons want to fight back. End Log.


Commander Data came to a stop in the corridor hearing a voice he never heard before.

"I am glad I found you, Geordi and I were thinking of--" Data turned in the direction of a man with a beard. "You are not Data!"

"Commander Riker, I assume?" Commander Data said.

Riker stepped back, afraid, of the human.

"Yes."  Commnder Data said.

"Go back down the hall," Data said. "Not the first time this has happened."

Riker rubbed his eyes.

"Not. . . the first. . . time?" Riker asked.

"I met up with another Q back in 2366," Commander Data said. "In this very same hall. . . That usually is not empty."  He stared at the older man for awhile then tilted his head slightly. "Geordi is alive in yours?"

Riker slowly nodded.

Data lowered his head with a smile.

"At least he did not die," Commander Data said, lifting his head up toward the man with a smile. "There is a time distortion going on due to my Captain's Q-volution. He is becoming a Q. I highly advise against panic but if you come across a version of yourself who is wild or is a product of Borg infestation then that is the right time to either panic and shoot."

"You just told me to kill myself."  Riker said, in shock.

"The one who's not you," Commander Data said. "Your captain is human, has not spent a very long time in the company of Q, and I assume they have not seen each other four years is that correct?" Riker nodded. "Go. Go back, please, to your time." The man did not budge. "You want to know something Mr Riker? I am going to be the captain of this ship in two days. Two days. And then I will be leading this ship into what should have been in the beginning. The mission you are on. Klingons being part of the Federation. I have known some worthy Klingons who would make great members of the Federation. I am scared, Commander." He shook his head. "I am afraid of captaining the ship. What if I screw up? What if I end up making a mistake so great I end up losing everyone aboard and I die?"

"You are Data," Riker said. "You don't screw up."

"But. . . I am a human." Commander Data said.

"Anyone with the name Data would have to be  sure they are not wrong before being requested to this ship," Riker said. "Are you operating correctly?"

"Yes," Commander Data said. "My positronic brain has been regularly cleaned."

"You will do fine, Data." Riker said, with a short laugh.

"How is that funny?" Commander Data asked, puzzled.

"Seeing you being afraid of becoming a captain is a funny thing," Riker said. "Because my Data, however android he is, chooses to turn his emotion chip off during that period . . . I believe he would do that."

"Lucky man," Commander Data said. "Goodbye . . .Mr Riker."

Commander Data went right past Riker.

He had to see how Captain Worf and his crew was doing. In light of the situation they were learning more about the Romulan's attitude toward a outpost that wasn't so much of a threat.  It was the country side version for the planet Qo'nos 2. Quo'nos recently had colonized a entire planet and renamed it Qo'nos 2 during the inevitable deterioration of their home planet.  It was much like the Klingon's version of a space station not built for military purposes. Data had his hands behind his back contemplating how to pose the question.

"How is the room?"

"How is being aboard the Enterprise been for you?"

"How does it feel to be helped your enemy?"

"Hello, I am Commander Data,I am here to check up on you."

All of which in Klingonese.

Data came to the door with his hands trembling. He took his right hand from behind his back then pressed the side button. The idea of captaining the Enterprise terrified the man. The many times he had been in the chair were while waiting for the captain while he did some diplomatic missions or had engaged in what Data could not define in his processor. Ten years serving aboard the Enterprise has been a honor. It has helped him learn more of being a human with a positronic brain. He has earned more friends then he had on the Trieste. He has lost friends, namely his friend Geordi to a temporal abnormality. It was a great sacrifice sending his friend on a shuttle to Star Base 22.11.

He hoped His Geordi understood the great sacrifice and understood what he had done.

Day after day, Data did miss his friend.

"ROMULAN IMPOSTOR!" Came Captain Worf's scream.

Data came into the room to see TWO Worfs; one of whom was in a gray and yellow jumpsuit that had two marks on the object on the shoulder.  The Klingon crew were stunned, unable to move a muscle, at witnessing the impossible event unfolding before their eyes. Their captain was struggling against a Klingon who looked exactly like him but this version had shorter hair.

"Captain Worf, and Lieutenant Worf," Data said, using John-Luc's voice. "Stop this commotion right this instant!"

Captain Worf let go of the much tamer Lieutenant Worf dropping him to the ground.

"This is a impostor sent by the Romulans!" Captain Worf said.

"I am no Romulan," Lieutenant Worf said. "But you are. . . Bare a striking resemblance to my grandfather."

"You look exactly like me, traitor." Captain Worf said.

"I am no traitor," Lieutenant Worf said. "I am in no position to betray Star Fleet."

Data stepped in between the two Worf's before the fight could be instigated again.

"Mr Worf," Data said. "This ship is currently engaged in a battle with  Romulans and I would see to it that your counterpart be taken out of this room." He glared right at the Captain Worf. "If I see you fight against a version of yourself who has no metal on him then I will see to it that you lose your dagger."

"No!" Captain Worf said.

"No!" Lieutenant Worf said.

Data lowered his hands turning toward the Lieutenant.

"Where is the Enterprise currently docked?" Data asked.

"Deep Space Six."  Lieutenant Worf said.

"Deep Space Nine, you mean?" Data asked.

"No, Deep Space Six." Worf repeated.

Data sighed.

"In my reality there is no such place Deep Space Six," Data said. "I assume yours is ran by Klingons."

"It is," Lieutenant Worf said. "It used to be a outpost."

"Come with me,Lieutenant Worf." Data said.

Lieutenant Worf followed Data.

The doors closed behind the two.

The two stepped aside from the doorway.

"This is not the first time reality has changed around me." Lieutenant Worf said.

"That makes the two of us," Data said. "Is Yar alive or not in your reality?"

"She died ten years ago."  Lieutenant Worf said.

 "Ah, so that's the difference." Data said.

"And yours?" Lieutenant Worf asked.

"Married to her," Data said. "Very human. I have a positronic brain in my head."

"Ah," Lieutenant Worf said. "I have wondered why you chose the name Data."

"I chose the name Data because I love to learn knowledge and it is my favorite activity."  Data said.

Worf nodded.

"You absorb everything I have taught you about Klingon Practice." Lieutenant  Worf said.

"I am not surprised." Data said.

"Commander, look out!" Came Yar's voice.

Without really thinking about his life but more so about Lieutenant Worf's, Data stepped in the way of the phaser blast. His look of recognition at the shooter was too late. The look in his eyes were horror. Oh my god, Data thought, She shot me,she shot me,she shot me, I didn't expect that. Lieutenant Worf vanished with a horrified expression on his face. Captain Worf came out of his quarters than saw the body of Commander  Data on the ground. He looked up toward Tasha who had the phaser aimed at the direction of Data not himself. Her hands were trembling and tears were slowly coming to from the corners of her eyes. Her hair was relatively short.

"You will die without honor for attacking this man," Captain Worf said, feeling for a pulse along his neck. "You killed him!"

 Donnel had been coming down the hallway along with Davis.

"Ensign Yar!" Davis shouted, in outrage.

The two came to a stop at the sight of Data.

". . . I. . ." Yar was speechless. "I. . . Had it. . . set to kill.  . . I didn't . . . "

Davis grabbed  the stunned Yar by the shoulder.

"You are coming with me, Mrs Soong."  Davis said.

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