Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


25. Monologue

 . . . USS Enterprise. . . 2375 .  .

.  . . 7:40 AM. . .

"Off to class, boys." Data said.

"Aww, but Daaad!" The boys complained.

"No 'aww'ing me," Captain Data said. "I am the Captain of this ship and you will go to class."

"Dad is going captain on us." Geordi said.

"No fair." John whined.

"Just because your mother has been assigned to the USS  Travelport does not mean I will be the easier parent." Captain Data said.

The two boys grumbled then picked up their backpacks and went out of the door.

Captain Data was given memories of a timeline that never happened.

The captain closed his eyes sitting down on the bed.

He remembered a discussion with the late captain.

"Data. . ." John-Luc said.

"Yes?" Captain Data said. 

"When I started  captaining the Enterprise," John-Luc said. "I was very much afraid of it not living up to the expectations of Star Fleet. The legacy left behind from all the other Enterprises. I was afraid that this ship would go down in the middle of a senseless war because of a little mistake I made. Any mistake, really. Data. . . You have handled this situation better than I can credit you. You make a fine captain."

Tears grew from the sides of Data's eyes.

"Captain, we miss you." Captain Data said.

"Data, your current profession is the most important task in all of time and space. Exploring. Commanding the ship you were fated to be on, the Enterprise will go on and so will you. I trust you with the ship."

Captain Data looked down appearing as though he had closed his eyes.

"Are you ready to face what the universe has for you?"

Data opened his eyes into the empty room.

"I am . . ." Captain Data said, then he stood up. "Computer start program again."

"Voice-writing program is on."

Data came over to the desk leaning over toward a chair.

"Space. . . The final frontier. . . These are the voyages of the USS Enterprise," Captain Data said. "Its mission?"

Our view goes outside of the Enterprise to display various versions in time of the Enterprise going into warp mode. 

"To explore new worlds and befriend new civilizations." Captain Data continued.

We see the Olympic class USS Enterprise dodging blasts.

"To come across temporal abnormalities, document them, witness them, and help them back to their realities."

The  USS  Olympic class went into warp mode vanishing out of sight.

"To meet new god-like entities such as the Q and witness them first hand."

The image of the then Commander Data meeting Q appeared.

"And even participate in them."

Data looked over toward a photograph of his family.

"These voyages boldly  take us where no man has come across before," Captain Data said. "Space. The final frontier." Data looked up  with a smile. "Computer."

"Yes?" The computer replied.

"Start chapter 1." Data requested.

"Yes sir." The computer replied.

"Chapter 1: Time of the Enterprises," Captain Data said. "It all began eleven years ago. . ."

We watch from the backside of the Enterprise go into warp mode leaving blue gassy like dust behind.

The End.

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