Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


7. Duplicate

.  .  . The other Enterprise. . .

 . .11:29 AM. . . Wednesday . . .

"Captain, I detect a Bird-of-Prey headed our way!"  Davis said. "Badly damaged though."

"Hail them." John-Luc said.

"Sir?" Davis asked, surprised.

"Hail them,and I will not repeat myself a third time." John-Luc said.

"Yes, sir." Davis said.

Data turned toward the captain.

"Captain," Data said. "I have a feeling . . . That there is a  time disruption. . ."

"Well?" John-Luc asked.

"I can't touch it." Data said.

The screen flickered to life.

"This is Captain John-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise," John-Luc said. "Do you need some help?"

"Captain Worf of The Ring," Captain Worf said, his appearance sizzling on the screen. "We do not need help. We can hold our fort!"

Data looked over to the other side of the room, hearing something catching his attention, it sounded a lot like a call coming from somewhere very far away. He adjusted his eyes to see the very familiar figure of John-Luc Picard trying to convey something repeating it over and over again. It sounded a lot like coordinates. It was very 'urgent' that he be there. He could see the white cloudish glow about the figure he could only see. Then it vanished. He turned his head back toward the view screen that did not have the Klingon scene.

"Defend the Klingon outpost." John-Luc said.

Two hours later, Data was requested to visit John-Luc's ready room. 

And so our little human friend did.

He went into the ready room.

Only he saw a glowing Captain Picard at the desk rubbing his chin reading  a holopad while leaned back in the chair.

"Hello, captain," Data said. "What is it you want?"

John-Luc lowered his padd.

"I need your help,Mr Soong." John-Luc said.

"Why?" Data asked.

"I want to make this timeline I am living in a paradox because in my infinite knowledge of timelines; mine is supposed to be deleted."

"Deleted. . ." Data said.

"Yes. Deleted, Mr Soong." John-Luc said.

"What do you want me to do about that?" Data asked.

"Your prime self is going to be shot by Yar," John-Luc said. "By accident."

"You sent me coordinates to that location," Data said. "Using what exactly?"

"I am a to-be-Q," John-Luc said. "That means I can terminate this timeline I am living in and allow my prime self with a sense of completion."

Data nodded.

"I understand." Data said.

"At 4:40 PM, you must beam over to the other Enterprise that appears," John-Luc said. "This is a very urgent mission. Because afterwards you will be back in your reality."

"What is my mission?" Data asked.

"Stop Yar," John-Luc said. "Pardon me, but I have to send you to the quarters."

In a hazy fog Data reappeared in his quarters where John and Geordi are roleplaying a scene right out of The Land Before Time.

"And then the T-Rex bites into her back!" John Soong said.

"The mommy Sauropod smacks him at the face turning into dumbo with wings and robot-armor!"  Geordi Soong said.

"Brother, that isn't what we are roleplaying about!" John Soong said.

"It is pretend, we can do anything we want!" Geordi Soong said, with a grin.

"Hey, look, there is Dad!" John Soong said.

"Daddy!" The two boys ran right up to Data and embraced him into a hug.

Data laughed, falling on the floor with his two boys.

"Did you miss me?" Data asked.

"Yes, Dad!" The boy said.

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