Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


17. Care

. . . Intensive care unit. . .

. . . USS Enterprise . . . 2371. . .

"Captain. . ." Beverly said. "I am not sure about his condition. It just seems to worsen. I am only lucky his wound is capable of being covered up and stop bleeding."

Captain Picard looked down toward the entity.

"You are saying he is dying." Captain Picard said.

"In a sense, he is," Beverly said. "I can't believe I just said that."

"After all the times he proved he is immortal. . . I find it hard to believe too." Captain Picard said.

"Q is not here," Came Deanna's voice from behind the two. "He is not in his body."

Beverly and Captain Picard turn their head in the direction of the blind half beastazoid.

"So he is gone?" Beverly asked, in a low voice.

"This. . . is his shell,Captain," Deanna said. "His vessel so to speak."

Deanna came over using the feeling of the wall as her guide.

"I wish John had given your eyesight back." Captain Picard said.

Deanna smiled.

"It is all right,Captain," Deanna said. "I have been through worse."

Deanna put one hand on Q's elbow.

"I sense . ." Deanna said. "His vessel has a strong connection to him. . .  I sense he is troubled, struggling, pushing on, trying to fix. . ." She closed her eyes. "He feels so much guilt."

Deanna took her hand off Q's elbow.

"Perhaps he must have done something to tick off another Q," Captain Picard guessed. "I am not surprised he did."

The heart monitor read Q's heart was slowing down.

"Captain. . ." Deanna said. "I sense . . A apology."

"What is it, counselor?" Captain Picard asked.

"I am sorry." Deanna said.

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