Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


19. Capitaine

. . . USS Enterprise. . . 2375 .  .

. . .7:30

Captain Data was pacing back and forth. 

"These are the journeys of the USS Enterprise. . ." Captain Data said, then he stopped shaking his head. "Computer delete last sentence."

"Sentence deleted." The computer replied.

"Come on, Dad," Geordi said. "It sounded perfectly fine to me."

"I agree!" John said. 

The two twins were on the bed with their legs kicking in the air as their hands are tucked under their chin.

"If I were to write a novel about my travels about the Enterprise, it should start with a good monologue," Captain Data said. "Not a film-sy terribly worded monologue."

"Dad . . . " Geordi started.

"You are. . . " John added.

"Over-worrying about this." Geordi finished his brother's thought.

Data sighed, sitting inbetween the two boys.

"If Picard was here . . . He would have a better idea," Captain Data said. "But I have my brilliant two boys with me instead!"

He used his arms to draw the two boys towards him.

"Ah Dad!" Geordi said.

"Evans to Soong."

"Soong here."

"You might want to see this sir."

"I will be right up. Soong out."

"Ah Dad, you are gonna be late on the deadline if you don't finish that monologue." Geordi said.

"My deadline is not up for a year." Data said.

John glared at his father,

"You said that last year." John pointed out.

"My deadline is in five years," Captain Data said. "I have all the time in the universe to figure out the wording."

Data stood up from off the bed then he went out in his star fleet uniform. He shared a few nods here and there greeting the crewmembers with 'good afternoon'. Without Captain John-Luc, it has been rather empty. It has been a struggle calling himself captain and just waiting for him to come out of those doors into his ready room requesting for someone to tell him "What in gods name is going on?". He wished the whole Q-volution was a dream.  But it wasn't. Captain Worf and Captain Data had befriended each other over the past year, the two made a great team.

Captain Data came aboard the bridge.

Evans looked over his shoulder.

"We have our cloaking mode up," Evans said. "We have been this way while searching for Romulan space crafts."

Captain Data came to the view screen.

"What is it?" Captain Data asked.

"See for yourself, Captain." Commander Evans said.

Captain Data saw what appeared to be a starship resembling his Enterprise and another that looked nothing like it.

"We have intercepted communications between the two," Davis said. "Though they are not exactly communicating. They are communicating with two other starships that 'seemingly' are not on the radar."

"Captain. . ." Captain Data said. "This is Captain Picard's doing. . .He would only do this if there was the universe at stake."

"Sir?" Evans said, startled.

"We had a game with a entity calling itself 'Travid'," Captain Data said. "I and the captain participated in it. We were the only ones to remember what happened in the missing year."  He turned his head in the direction of Evans. "Put the cloak down, Commander Evans, then they will see what the hell is going on. Hail the two starships on split view."

Captain Data sat down into the chair.

The cloaking mode lowered and the bubbles around the two starships vanished. 

"This is Captain Data of the USS Enterprise," Captain Data said. "Do not attack each other or panic. We are the last three counterparts of the Enterprise in existence . . . As it seems. . . If one of you has Q aboard, which I assume might be the reason to our unusual pop up, or a entity who has the appearance of a Vulcan .  . . Please reply. Captain Data out."

Evans sat by Captain Data.

"Captain. . ." Evans said. "Could this mean. . Could it mean. . .Our universe is ending?"

"If something disastrous happened then I am sure Picard is out there trying to fix it," Data said. "We can only hope."

"We are being hailed." Davis said.

"On screen." Captain Data said. 

On the screen appeared Captain Picard.

"We have Q aboard," Captain Picard said. "In critical condition."

"Do you have a EMH on for him?" Captain Data asked.

"We can't do much for him." Captan Picard said.

Captain Data sighed. 

"At least try," Captain Data said. "I have heard a lot about you, Captain Picard, through my former captain."

"Huh?" Captain Picard said.

"We are being hailed, again." Davis reported.

"Split screen." Captain Data said.

"This is Captain Riker of the USS Fairy," Captain Riker said. "Are you saying we could die because Q dies?"

"That is what I said."  Captain Data said

Captain Riker looked over to someone on his left with a concerned look then back to Captain Data.

"So, why are we here?" Captain Riker said.

"We are in a pocket universe," Captain Data said. "Safe from every rule in the known universe. I assume it must be a shared pocket universe that allow us to communicate."

"Why a pocket universe?" Captain Picard asked.

"There must be another universe left that hasn't been destroyed," Captain Data guessed. "I assume this may mean one of the entities we know is trying to preserve us." Captain Data looked at Captain Riker. "I am very surprised. . . How does the Fairy branch off the Enterprise?"

"Beats me." Captain Riker said.

"We should do something to help," Captain Picard said. "Even if we can't."

"There is one way . . ." Captain Data said.

"What is it?" Both Captain's asked.

"If we make more universes by populating a planet to draw out the entity who has done this then perhaps we can undo everything and not remember it," Captain Data said. "It would take naturally years for us to accomplish this but . . . we need an android to carry it out."

"If we had a planet to land on then perhaps we could . . ." Captain Riker said.

"Start a new Federation.  . ." Captain Picard said.

"And make endless possibilities," Captain Riker said. "But how do we defeat a entity?"

"A entity, by my experience, is not easy to defeat."  Captain Picard said.

"Annoy him," Captain Data said. "We will need a sword. Draw all his attention to our annoyances."

"What about Q's body?" Captain Riker asked.

"If he manages to live starting today, he will be in a coma for most of his life," Captain Picard said. "Captain Data, where do we start?"

"We start by searching for a planet. . ." Captain  Data said.  "A Class M planet."

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