Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


16. Before

. . . 2364. . .

. . . Fairy. . .

"And that, my friend, is why you shouldn't go to a junk yard." John-Luc said as Worf's eyes were glued onto the Vulcan.

"I don't see how that is a achievement." Captain Riker said.

John-Luc smiled raising his eyebrows.

"It is a great lesson!" John-Luc said.

John-Luc, Q thought, I love you.

"A lesson is what we can learn from not almost suffer the loss of a entire crew." Captain Riker said.

John-Luc  nodded.

"You are very correct, Captain," John-Luc said. "I will bring back the dead since they are not actually dead."

John-Luc snapped his fingers making Deanna reappear.



The two embraced into a hug.  Riker had a very nasty glare at John-Luc that read 'leave now before I order you to be escorted off my ship'.  Then the look on John-Luc's face faltered. It turned into fear. It turned into panic. It turned into real genuine concern.  Commander  Worf could see that look. John-Luc was most definitely troubled.

Q, John-Luc thought again, Q!

"I will take my leave." John-Luc said.

John-Luc vanished into a white flash.

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