Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


20. Afraid

. . . Nine hundred years later . .  .

Planet by planet I managed to bring back the inhabitants back from the brink of extinction.

What did I give them?


I can sense parallel timelines coming into existence from one planet named Earth 3. I freely floated through time and space hurrying myself until I came straight to a city where in outer space space is three abandoned starships. I ventured around the place to find a unique culture scavanged from around the universe that had once existed. I could sense John-Luc is trying to break free the Q continuum and the judges. How did he get so powerful to seal us off? He didn't tap into the center of chaos. He tapped into something else. Darkness.  Utter darkness. I can see the designs of starships in fields being constructed. They hadn't been in outer space for centuries.

. . . Jean-Luc.

He died eight hundred years ago.

Died at one hundred twenty-two.

He looked at the sky looking back at the ripe adventures he had with his crew.

He felt at home and peace at night staring at the night sky.

There were thousands of timelines coming existence, growing rapidly, struggling to get off the planet.

Then I came to a building where a very youthful Data was at a room in a rocking chair reading what seemed to be a novel.

Data. . .

"Yes?" Data said.

Its me.

Data looked up.

"Q?" Data said.

Yes, me.

"How are you? Data asked. 

In pain, but tolerable.

"Good," Data said. "Is Q coming?"

I assure you, he is.

"I have been waiting for nine centuries to do it," Data said. "We all agreed on it."

You all?

"Yes, we all agreed," Data said. "It was Captain Data's idea to bring his attention back and create our own universe."

Hahahaha, that is nice thought.

"So far we have succeeded," Data said. "We attracted your attention."

Nice. . . When this is over, I will send everyone back to their rightful time and places.

"How come you are not in your body?" Data asked.

I took a very tough hit, Mr Data.

"So, it took you nine hundred years to find us."

Mr Data--

"Mr Troi."

Mr Troi--. YOu what?

"Last year I wed the granddaughter of Deanna Troi of my USS Enterprise."

I sighed.

Mr Troi, the damage can only be undone by a Q. I cannot operate without my vessel to undo anything.

"Ah, so you say."

I will try, is that any consolation?

"Yes, it is," Data said, getting up picking up what seemed to be sword. "It seems Q will be here in a while. I have a sword to participate in."

I flew up toward the USS Enterprise. The one where my body was stationed inside.

I could see a middle aged holoprogram sitting at a desk reading up on what is probably a news comic from the planet below.

Emergency Medical Hologram. . .

He didn't have a mind, for that I pity him.

I went into my body  to encounter sharp pain in my chest.

"Ah." I gasped.

I felt a hand take mine.

"Don't move," It was John-Luc. "Your heart has been replaced for this vessel . . ." I looked up toward the ageless Vulcan. "When it is over, you'll get your body back and that holographic heart out too."

"John. . ." I said. "I am scared."

John-Luc smiled.

"Not much longer, honey," John-Luc said. Then he kissed my forehead and backed off. "You'll be judging in no time!"

John-Luc vanished into a white flash.

"John. . ." I said. 

The EMH turned around at the sound of my voice. 

"Ah, so the patient finally speaks!" The EMH said. "Don't try to move."

"Why?" I asked. "What happened to my heart?"

"It was stolen." The EMH said.

"Not only am I wounded. . . but heartless?"  I said. "That tops the cake."

"The Vidiian's stole it."

"Oh of course," I said, rolling an eye. "Are you much of a singer?"

"I can sing one thousand hundred songs."

"One thousand hundred. . ."

"Uh huh."

"Tell me, did you make up a song?"

"Make up a song? I can't do that."

"Yes, you can."

"I am a Doctor, not a singer!"

"Okay," I said. "I'll go first."


When you're me,

you can make anything you want,

Wipe out a entire race,

Send minds to different bodies,

Mess with DNA sequences,

Weave a entire universe out of thin air,



Out living everyone else,

Some do not like the help they are given,

Going through the curtains of time,

The multi-verse is full of surprises,

Because I am Q,

Q means the end. 

The beginning and the end. 


When you're me,

you can make anything you want,

Send minds to different bodies,

create a new reality,

create a new parallel universe,

Jump from dimension to dimension, 


Seen that, 

Been there,

Done that!


When you're me,

You can do anything you want,

but there are rules,

and you can't make a boo-boo by meeting your toys before you met them, 

That is very uncalled for, 


When you're me,

You can do anything you want,

But there are rules I have follow,

Because being me, I warn, is not all sugar coated.

In fact, I'll show you those who hate me.

In fact, you wish you never met me.


When you're me. . .

You can do anything you want.

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