Vulcan Q

The final story featuring John-Luc Picard and Q in the 'Mon parallel capitaine' storyline.


10. A new day

. . . Briefing room. . .

. . 7:39 AM. . .

"You. . . you are leaving us?" Beverly asked.

John-Luc nodded.

"Essentially, I will be," John-Luc said. "And it will be rather soon. . . Data will be the commanding officer of this vessel."

Their attention went over to the human Data then back to John-Luc.

"Captain. . ." Donnel said. "So you  are. . . Actually. . . Five billion years old?"

"Yes." John-Luc said.

"What is the Multiverse like?" Donnel asked.

"Very vast," John-Luc said. "It reminded me of my home universe. It is never the same going around visiting Enterprises that have my counterparts, my colleagues, my friends, and the crew who became my family over the past ten years. I want you to all know that one way or another we will cross paths. You are the finest crew a captain could ever have. For that I am grateful." He looked over to Beverly. "There is a universe where Jack Crusher lives and so does Wesley."

Beverly covered her mouth, gasping.

Wesley was dead in this universe.

John-Luc turned his head toward Evans.

"There are plenty of universes where you live and die, but in one you become President of the Federation, Mr Evans," John-Luc said. "Carly Richards. . . You live a very normal life. That's how I'll put it. Data, in most timelines you are a great officer who is human or android or cyborg. But most of them you end up becoming a captain and the greater ranks a man like you should have. Yar. . ." John-Luc lowered his head. "She has a troubling universe." He looked back toward Davis. "You get taken by the Borg, Mr Davis, and you destroy them."

Then a red alarm went off.

John-Luc turned pale.

"Today is the day I leave," John-Luc said. "'And this will not be a good day. God speed to you all."

John-Luc got up and the rest of the crew stood up.

Data, however, stood behind for John-Luc.

"Did you need some help, Captain?" Data asked, holding his hand out. 

John-Luc had been crutch-ed forward. 

"Yes, Mr Soong," John-Luc said, taking his hand. "I do."

Data helped the captain up as John-Luc faded in and out. 

The Enterprise trembled from side to side.

"Mr Soong. . ." John-Luc said. "Thank you for being my friend."

Data helped the captain through the door.

"You are very welcome." Data said.

"Now go command the  Enterprise." John-Luc said.

"But Captain--"

"I will sit in the first officer chair, Mr Soong."

Data helped the captain down to the first seat to the right then sat down into the captain's chair.

"The Romulans are attacking!" Davis reported. "Decks one through five have been damaged."

The lights in the room were shortening out.

"Attack their wing spans," Data said. "That will make them loose their fighting power."

Torpedos launched firing at the Romulan's rubber band like feature encased around what seemed to be a birds head. John-Luc watched the exchange as he could see through various levels of matter in size, shape,classification, and so many other kind of scientific related sights. John-Luc felt lighter then he ever been. The science stations were crackling up a storm making the science officers step back shielding themselves. The attack went on against the two starships. John-Luc could hear the thoughts of so many people. They had only recently started allowing families aboard warships as the war had gone down to its lows and attack was rare but the infliction on planet Earth made by the Klingon's had done a hefty damage.

Earth 2 was rather skeptical at best to colonize in the beginning.

But regardless the planet was colonized upon.

Starships at best were the new best home of humanity far as everyone knew. 

John-Luc could see their determined attitude at fighting back on the Romulans.

One day.

One day Romulans and Vulcans could be united, one day their (as in Romulans) military ways would be put aside for peace in the next hundred so years, one day peace would travel across the galaxy, and one day the starships will go beyond their universe to another such as the Andromeda galaxy. One day humanity will evolve up into the continuum's front door. For now, they had to take everyday for what it was. With hope.

"Goodbye, Mr Soong." John-Luc said.

He was glowing a gassy like white color becoming non-corporeal.

"And my gift to the Federation." John-Luc said.

In a white explosive like flash John-Luc vanished from the corner of Data's eye. It took one second to realize that John-Luc had vanished.  It took two minutes for Data to compute the fact that now he is the commanding officer of the  Enterprise. One single handed minute for Data to order repeated firing at the Romulan vessel. It took several strikes at the Enterprise for the phaser power to be lost. But not all was lost. Several Klingon shuttle crafts flew out firing at the Romulan vessel. The Romulans were thrown off guard to see such a large group of Klingons firing after them without mercy even after they destroyed one of their shuttles. How could they not give up right after they had eliminated comrade? The Romulans fled with what warp power they could muster deserting the stronghold of the Kligon Outpost called 'Ragtag'. Now it wasn't a honorary name but a unique name in fact.

On the screen appeared Captain  Worf.

"We would like to thank you for holding out for us," Captain Worf said. "My other self was right about you. The Federation doesn't turn a blind eye to us."

"Thank you,Mr Worf," Data said. "You may refer to me as Captain Data."

"What happened to the Vulcan?" Captain Worf asked.

There was silence on the bridge.

"He moved on." Data said.

Tomorrow was a new day.

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