Something new

This is just a bunch of my poems slapped together. It can be happy. It can be sad. It'll be about lessons or dying... It's my feelings. If you know me, try to keep this secret? Thank you. Have fun reading the deepest darkest secrets I have.


1. Time may Run

Author note: Hate sappy poems? Have a fear of taking a look at the dark side every now and then. Might wanna start running.

Time may run as we watch the clock fly,

Nothing can mend what has been done.

I see you walk on in happiness.

Feelings going to and fro,

But mine remain,

I watch as girls flaunt and taunt,

Sitting in defeat knowing I cannot,

I lie down and wait,

Wondering if I should change

Or should I be the same?

Nothing seemed to impress the last,

So this time I'll try to keep my class.




I tried to tell you what you meant, but just ended in ridicule.

I ran to you with such confidence, so ready.

Just to call your name

To see you forever more the same.

To hear your thoughts

As I day dreamed off.

I watch just as before,

But it's different now.

The little things I cherished,

Now belong to another.

Did I wait to long?

Was I not enough?

This always seems to happen.

I never was enough.

I bid you farewell,

It was fun while it lasted.

This must be the end of our little story

Or more of my little fantasy.

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