Something new

This is just a bunch of my poems slapped together. It can be happy. It can be sad. It'll be about lessons or dying... It's my feelings. If you know me, try to keep this secret? Thank you. Have fun reading the deepest darkest secrets I have.


7. Silly little girl

Silly little girl,

That’s what they’ll call me.

Hide before she sees you.

Run before it’s too late.

Too late

I tried so hard to be like everyone else.

It’s time I gave up.

Perhaps silence is my home.


In which I can weep alone.

Weep with the cool whisper of fire.

The flames entice me,

Burn they might, but the thrill is worth it.

The pain is bearable,

Nothing new.

They’ll find another girl to entertain.

I am nothing.

This space is all but wasted.

They had called it,

Yet I still believed.

Like with the boy.

Silly me,

I thought I had a chance.

He’s older.

He’s taller.

He’s out of your league.


You weirdo.


He’ll want the new girls.

The fresh girls.

They know what he wants.

They know how to make him happy.

What do you have to offer?


As always

Just give up.

You’re not worth his time.


You continue on

Watch the pain build.

I told you didn’t I?

You never listen.

Never learn.

Keep putting yourself up that high.

You’ve broken upon shambles already.

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