Something new

This is just a bunch of my poems slapped together. It can be happy. It can be sad. It'll be about lessons or dying... It's my feelings. If you know me, try to keep this secret? Thank you. Have fun reading the deepest darkest secrets I have.


5. Peter Pan(g)

Loving you is such a ride.

I get so confused at times.

You’re a cure.

You’re a disease.

I can’t decide anymore.

You’ve taken my all,

But you’ve given me yours.

Is this how it’s suppose to be?

Am I doing this right for once?

It feels amazing.

Better then the others.

No cloud nine has taken me this high.

I hope I don’t fall this time,

But perhaps if I do…

You’ll catch me.

I trust you with something that has been tossed so many times.

But I know you’ll give it great care.

Maybe you’re the one they spoke of.

I waited a while for this one.

My Peter Pan.

I’ll be your Wendy,

But I’ll stay for the lost boys as well.

We can teach them together.

Happily ever after,

Or as happy as it gets in this beautiful twisted world.

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