Something new

This is just a bunch of my poems slapped together. It can be happy. It can be sad. It'll be about lessons or dying... It's my feelings. If you know me, try to keep this secret? Thank you. Have fun reading the deepest darkest secrets I have.


2. Perfection


Something every girl wants.

Something every girl needs.

Something every girl doesn’t have.

Imperfection is beautiful.

But isn’t that a lie?

You don’t choose the imperfect ones.

But I do.

‘The imperfect ones.’

What a label.

We grew up on fairytales,

But they never began to think just what they would do.

The world is cruel.

You can’t keep telling those stories.

They give false hope to the broken.

They look for happiness that was never there.

That’s unfair.

Looking for something that won’t appear.

Perfection something not everybody can obtain.




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