Something new

This is just a bunch of my poems slapped together. It can be happy. It can be sad. It'll be about lessons or dying... It's my feelings. If you know me, try to keep this secret? Thank you. Have fun reading the deepest darkest secrets I have.


4. Fire in our eyes

Follow your heart,

But what if there is no heart?

I watch the simple girls holding onto the simple boys

What of the boy who sits in the corner?

He’s alone doesn’t want company.

Yet you still venture towards him.

Fire dancing in his eyes

Rivers flowing from his fingers

His fight is gone,

As is yours,

But you can’t help yourself.

The life left in him draws you near.

Only for that life to burn you,

That’s the way of life.

Conniving others and being connived.

Will the world ever lose its cruelty?

Or will we be forced to dance through the pain?



It’s been awhile since I’ve met ‘the boy in the corner’

We’ve grown off of each other.

The fight in your eyes keeps me alive

Or so he told me.

When I think I can’t keep going I look into his eyes,

And see the land waiting for me.

Perhaps I’ll wait a bit longer.

For maybe one day it’ll all be better.

He won’t fold away from my touch,

And I won’t flinch as his hand rises.

He will learn to forgive his faults,

And I’ll learn to love my flaws.

Maybe we aren’t perfect,

But we sure are worth it.

We can and will fight this battle together.

With the fire in our eyes.

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