Wrong Turn

After getting out of her abusive relationship Mai dosen't want anything to do with love.. Until Jack comes along.


1. Chapter 1

Mai's POV


"Come back here now" yelled Chris

"Get Away" I screamed. I was done and the bruises on my face said it all.

"Baby I'm sorry it won't happen again" He shouted

I wanted to believe it, but I believed it before and I was a fool.

I had left my abusive boyfriend and I was done with love... Only for a while though...

Jack's POV

"Baby I'm sorry please don't leave!" Jessica begged trying to look sympathetic.

I caught her in bed with my cousin

I grabbed my coat and turned around "Bye Jessica, Enjoy the rest of your time" I whispered and walked out the house

I was done with love... Or so I thought... 


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