Life is Strange

Besides the fact she has found herself in several situations that seem too out-of-this-world, Maeva has known that life is strange. Actually, it's quite it obvious fact. What, with how we are just expected to make a living on this earth with nothing more then ourselves and the people who help us along the way is quite outrageous, if you ask her.
To everyone else though, she is the strange. Everything about her isn't normal, therefore they shouldn't associate with her. It doesn't bug her though; Maeva has found her own reality, her own strange life. She didn't need the one everyone else has.
One day though, when she gets hit by a car because she wasn't paying attention, she is forced to leave her fantasy reality, to realise that she couldn't hide in the pages for forever. She has to discover that not all of life is cruel. Though, these parts might be even more strange then what she has already experienced.


1. Prologue

I silently lay there, on the road, looking up at the stars. It amazes me just how many galaxies, universes there are up there. An infinite amount of galaxies lie beyond the infuriating confinement that is our Earth. Just within this huge one are smaller ones, an example being society.

I guess you could call me a nerd, but that wouldn't even be grazing it. I'm a reader. Hand me any fiction book, I'll read it. Even if it's some book that's completely boring, I'll read it and know every part of it.

Some call it a gift, others call it a curse. I myself use it to define me, which you could say is a bad thing, but it's how I broke through society. Not in a good way, necessarily. I just pushed through it until their judgment didn't matter anymore.

I did it only so I could live in my own galaxy, my own reality. So I could be me, and only have to have me and my books to be happy. The reality almost everyone on earth experienced was too tough, too evil. I had to escape it all.

I guess somewhere when I was thinking these random, useless thoughts, I never noticed a bright light, coming closer and closer to where I was laying in the road. And all too late, I noticed, only to be hit with blackness.

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