Life is Strange

Besides the fact she has found herself in several situations that seem too out-of-this-world, Maeva has known that life is strange. Actually, it's quite it obvious fact. What, with how we are just expected to make a living on this earth with nothing more then ourselves and the people who help us along the way is quite outrageous, if you ask her.
To everyone else though, she is the strange. Everything about her isn't normal, therefore they shouldn't associate with her. It doesn't bug her though; Maeva has found her own reality, her own strange life. She didn't need the one everyone else has.
One day though, when she gets hit by a car because she wasn't paying attention, she is forced to leave her fantasy reality, to realise that she couldn't hide in the pages for forever. She has to discover that not all of life is cruel. Though, these parts might be even more strange then what she has already experienced.


2. Chapter One

I don't remember anything that happened between the accident and arriving to the hospital. Hell, I don't even know who found me. All I know is that one moment, I was just laying on a road, and then a car came up and... well, swept over me. 

To be honest, I'm not afraid. Not about being restricted due to some broken body part, not about potentially dying. It doesn't seem a big problem in my mind.

"Mae," I hear a voice, and I know it's somebody I don't know. I feel curiosity course through my brain, into my blood, but I know I shouldn't move.

"Mae, if you can hear me." The voice is soft, shaking with tears. Faintly, I feel one land on my arm. "Do not leave. Okay? There are too many people depending on you, so many people who love you. Even if you don't know who they are right now, you will soon."

With that, the voice fades away, not because they are leaving, but because I am. 


The next time I wake up, my eyes open furiously. Not like in the movies where they flutter for a few moments, this time they flew. They flew because of the stranger in my room, who somehow knew me.

"Cas," My voice, normally a good balance between high and low, is now neither. It's flat, weak, shakey. It makes me embarrassed how I could appear so vulnerable.

"Oh my god," I hear scrambling from across the room when, finally, my best friend appears over me. Her overlapping front teeth, the ones we bonded over, sends me into a wave of comfort. Her blue hair makes me feel at home, knowing nothing had changed while I was asleep.

"We thought you weren't going to wake up, Mae. You got really hurt." Her undereyes are puffy and red, showing me she had been crying for a while.

"Oh, no duh..." I lift my head a little, but I wince as I feel a sharp pain in my neck.

"Oh, that's just a bruise, thankfully." She helps me sit up, to fully see the damage.

My right arm, the one I write with, is broken, and so is my left leg. A few ribs broke, and my forehead managed to get cut. In short, this is worse then I originally thought. The man driving didn't see me, at all, until he finally ran over me. Since I was laying down completely, he crushed me all to hell. I can't really blame him; I was the one stupidly laying in the street.

"I'm sorry I made you worry so much," I whisper, feeling genuinely sorry. No one should be upset that I, the idiot laying in the middle of a road, got hurt. They shouldn't be pittying me. I don't deserve it.

"No, dear," Cascadia hurried to assure that it wasn't bad at all, that no matter how it happened she loved me and she would always cry and feel bad. It was comforting, definitely, that she cared this much about me, but it still made me feel bad nonetheless.

"Hey, where's my mom?" She was my only parent, but we were best friends basically. I mean, we had our ups and downs, but we always made up.

"She went to get some food." It was silent for a moment, before Cas gasped and brought out her phone.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you this." She was tapping away, a grin prominent. I think I already knew what'd happened.

"She didn't," It came out breathless, not being able to believe this. Good things didn't happen to people like me.

"She did, and also a lot more." Cas then handed me her phone, and I could feel my eyes widening. My favorite author, Aren Monica, had read my story. She had commented on my story. Aren Monica...

"I'm dead!" My voice wasn't loud enough for a scream, necessarily, but it was still loud.

"No you're not," She stroked my hair, as if to let me know I was still here.

"Hey, sign me into my account," I handed the phone to Cas, wiping my sweaty hands on the cheap hospital sheets. It still hadn't sunk in I'd been hit, I'd been close to death, near hours ago.

As soon as I got the phone back, I saw my message count. Ten messages, all for me. Some of them might not even be from Aren, but it's good to check.

I had to click the link three times before it started loading, and as soon as I saw the most reccent message a smile started to grow on my face. 

"I'm in heaven, aren't I?" Cas just laughs and together, we scream... well, I guess we did in a normal-toned voice.

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