Lukas Royall isn't like every other guy, he's something else that's exactly human. He tries to keep it a secret from everyone. Then he meets Dylan Ward, the boy who changes everything. What will he think of Lukas when he finds out what he is. Will they be able to stay together through the drama and danger that follows him?


1. Intro to my Life

I always wanted to know what it would be like to be like everyone else. My parents on the other hand think its wonderful to be different, they always have this saying "You were lucky enough to be different, Don't try to be like everyone else." The thing is though I really can't tell anyone why I'm so different than them. I'm a Rarity, meaning I have "powers", great now I sound like I'm from Harry Potter. I can control the elements, copy other supernatural beings like Werewolves super strength, a Vampires speed, and my least favorite I can talk to people from the dead and also bring them back. I never had a "normal" childhood, my parents are two different species. My mother is a Fairy, more like a royal Fairy who got disowned for marrying my Father because she was his mate, instead of marrying a pure blood Fairy , can't stop true love I guess. My Father is vampire, and no shut up he doesn't sparkle like the ones from Twilight. We've been running most of my life, ever since they found out what I was, others have been trying to kidnapped me and steal my powers. There's this old Ritual from Ancient times that you can sacrifice a Rarity and you'd be the most powerful being, and there would be no way to stop you. Witches love to fuck with everyone. So now we're moving to New York City, least there maybe I'll fit in a bit better. I was born in Italy on Halloween but we moved once my powers stared showing when I was 13, so that was 4 years ago. We've moved so many times I lost count. I've never been popular at any school I've been to, they all think I'm a freak just because of my tattoos and piercings or the fact I'm gay, but I don't give two shits what they think. Here's my story on how my life goes from just crazy to completely bat shit insane. - Lukas Benito Royall
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