Another Modern Fairy Tale

"She's in a death like sleep," Maddi said, panting with bruises and scratches on her face. "What happened?" Darren cried. "There's somethin' wrong," she replied as calmly as possible. "Ryan is poisoned.... Marcy is no where to be found.... She was kidnapped. And-and-and there are other strange things happening......"


1. New Girl

Madeline Wall nervously walked up the steps to her new school, Barkley Academy. She recently moved into Quenchill Village, a small and peaceful, yet mysterious town, due to her parent's business company. As she walked up the steps, she noticed the students murmuring once they caught sight of her.

"Is this how new kids feel every time?" Madeline grumbled, hating the attention. She walked into the school and headed for her locker when a girl, shorter than her, blocked her way.

"So you're the...... hmmmm..... what do they call it again? Oh! I remember! The new kid," the girl sneered. She had below-the-shoulder-length black hair and very pale skin. She was wearing a white, see through, button up blouse, a very tight black mini skirt, which revealed her slightly big butt, and slightly heavy makeup. Her cheeks were unnaturally pink, her eyelids were very dark blue, her lips were as red as blood, and her mascara and eyeliner were very thick.

"Why are you staring?" she asked as she flicked Madeline's boob. "You have..... NOTHIN'! No butt! No juicy melons for guys to daydream about!" The girl laughed. "Shut up. You're exaggerating," Madeline shot back. "And my name's Madeline...... I mean Maddi." "Awwwww. How dare you speak back at me, Maddi?" the girl said, pretending to be hurt. "Well here's a warning for you," the girl said, pointing at Maddi. "Stay away from my boys, got that? Follow my rules or World War III will begin." She turned around and walked down the hall, swaying her hips so the boys could get a nice view of that ass.

"Hating life already?" someone else said behind Maddi as she began to organize her locker. "Wha?" Maddi said as she turned around. "Not here to judge!" a girl said, putting her hands up in defense. "Nice to know," Maddi said as she turned back to her locker to finish fixing. "What'd ya want?" "To be friends," the girl replied. "Great way to start the year." Maddi turned to face the girl. "Fine. I'm sold. What's your name?" Maddi asked, her tone softening. "I'm Marceline, but I prefer Marcy. How about you?"

"I'm Madeli- I mean Maddi Wall," Maddi replied as she looked at her so-called-friend. She was the same height as she was and she had very long dirty blonde hair (her hair was nearly touching the ground!!!). She had a nice natural tan and her face was flawless. Unlike the other girl she met, Marcy looked kinder and less slutty looking. She was wearing a plaid shirt and ripped up jeans. She had nice hazel eyes and perfect teeth. And she wasn't wearing any makeup.

"I promise you that I won't be mean like Julie, the slut that you just met. She's a fuck-machine..... if you know what I mean," Marcy said as Maddi burst out laughing. "Come on, I'll show you around the school and introduce you to some people." " 'Kay," Maddi said as she followed her.


"And that's the end of our tour," Marcy concluded. "Cool," Maddi replied. "So, who's that boy over there?" Maddi asked as she nudged her head towards a tall boy with brown hair, who was talking to a group of guys. "Oh no," Marcy said. "That's Julie's boyfriend." Maddi snickered. "Him? Dating her? Oh my!" Maddi said as she cracked up. "Shhhh!!! That's Darren! He's a bad boy I'm telling you!" Marcy warned. Darren, Maddi thought. I like that name.

Then, Darren turned and faced Maddi. Everything surrounding her disappeared, except for Darren. She looked deeply into his hazel eyes and those perfect lips. She wanted to kiss him so bad. She looked lower and saw those slightly muscled arms from...... working out she guessed. He had a white sleeveless shirt and jeans. She looked lower and lower and-

"Maddi!" Marcy cried, drawing Maddi back to reality. "What?" she replied, irritated. "You blanked out there," Marcy said. "Let's go back to our lockers." As Marcy turned to leave, Maddi took one last look at Darren. He was glaring at her.



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