Another Modern Fairy Tale

"She's in a death like sleep," Maddi said, panting with bruises and scratches on her face. "What happened?" Darren cried. "There's somethin' wrong," she replied as calmly as possible. "Ryan is poisoned.... Marcy is no where to be found.... She was kidnapped. And-and-and there are other strange things happening......"


2. Little Big Dreams

"How was school today, honey?" Maddi's mother asked her when she got back from school. "Good I guess," Maddi replied as she sat down at the kitchen table. Their new house (apartment) was small. It only had two rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a small dining room, and a bathroom.

"Are you okay with this place?" her mother asked her. Maddi looked at her mother. She looked stressed and older than usual. "It's fine mom," she replied. "At least we have a place to stay in... Ever since dad left you because he wanted to..... Never mind." Her mother gleamed. "I love you honey," her mother said. "Love you too," she replied.

Surprisingly, she didn't get any homework, so instead, she texted Marcy, after they exchanged numbers at the end of the day. How's my girl??? Marcy texted her. Fine I guess. Hbu? She waited a minute. Then two. Then finally three. No reply. Maddi sighed. "Why life?" Maddi groaned as she fell back into her bed.

Then, she began to think about Darren. His eyes were beautiful. Lips were perfect. She wanted to kiss him so badly. "Why is he dating a fuck machine?" she mumbled, repeating Marcy's way of calling Julie. Then, she fell asleep.

Thock, thock! Maddi groaned as she woke up. "Who the freak would be up at this hour?" she mumbled as she looked at her clock. 12:30am. She stood up and looked out of her window, which their apartment was on the first floor. A guy stood outside her window. Maddi quickly swallowed her scream. But then, she soon realized that it was..... Darren? He motioned her to open her window and she quickly did.

He stepped inside the room and shut the window behind him. "Oh Maddi," he whispered in her ear. His voice was so rich and soothing, and somewhat, seductive. "What do you need?" she whispered back. "You already know," he said as he closed the door. Then, he pulled off his shirt, picked her up, and carried her to her bed. He laid on top of her, the scent of strawberries and cinnamon drowning her in Darren-heaven. He stared deeply into her eyes and then began to kiss her softly.

Then, the kisses began to turn aggressive. His tongue entered her mouth, exploring and battling each other. She draped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she began to play with his soft hair. He slowly put his hand under her shirt, sliding his hand up her chest. She moaned into his mouth as his hand landed in between her breasts. Maddi couldn't wait any longer. She aggressively tore her shirt off, so now, they were both shirtless. "I love you, Madeline Wall," Darren said. "I love you too, Darren," she replied as they began to kiss again.....


Madeline woke up with a start at 12:32am. She rubbed her eyes and recalled the scene that just happened. "That was just a dream?" she grumbled. But it felt so real, she thought. She sighed. "Whatever," she mumbled. "See you later, Darren."

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