If I Could Fly (One Direction Preferences)

Have you ever imagine being in the lives of one of the boys? Well in this book, there are different scenarios they I see would happen if your were in a relationship with the boys. These stories are fictional!!!! This book includes all of the boys and were written by me, I highly advise that you don't plagiarize. I do take requests at anytime. :) The cover creator: @prosetry I hope you enjoy.


9. His Letter To You...(HS)

Dear Y/N,

I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tomorrow night. I know you said that you are not ready for a relationship, but I was hoping we can start off as friends and work our way up to the dating situation. I can't believe what I am about to say, but bare with me here. Okay? Okay. Did you see what I just did there? Haha!!! Anyways back to the point, I think I am in love with you. I know I only known you for about two months, but everyday I wake up, I think about you. The way you light up the room with your smile and the way you walk with confidence, just does something to me. I just want to make you mine and only mine. I hope you consider the date.



P.S. When I make you mine, I will not disappoint you, *winks*


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