If I Could Fly (One Direction Preferences)

Have you ever imagine being in the lives of one of the boys? Well in this book, there are different scenarios they I see would happen if your were in a relationship with the boys. These stories are fictional!!!! This book includes all of the boys and were written by me, I highly advise that you don't plagiarize. I do take requests at anytime. :) The cover creator: @prosetry I hope you enjoy.


12. He Tries To Impress You (HS)

He Tries To Impress You... (HS)

 Harry wanted to impress the girl he loves by showing off his cooking skills to you. You were waiting patiently in your guys dinning room when all of a sudden you hear a loud clatter of pots and pans.

"Are you okay in there," you asked slightly annoyed and hungry because you have been waiting for at least three hours to eat, but was happy that he wanted to cook for you.

"Yes love, the food will be ready in a few," he yelled from the kitchen.

You felt like you were on top of the world because Harry freaking Styles wanted to impress you, but all would have been fine with you eating a big mac, an apple pie from McDonald's, and a cuddle with Harry while watching reality television.

"Babe, do you want me to come and help you," you asked brushing off your skirt before getting up from your seat.

"No no no don't get up from that seat y/n! I want to surprise the love of my life."

Your cheeks flushed as he called you the love of his life and waited for about ten more minutes before Harry exit the kitchen doorway while wearing an apron and two plates filled with food in his hands.

"Dinner is served and hope you enjoy it," he says giving you a cheeky smile and then taking a seat himself to taste what he cooked.

You were very much impress on what you saw in front of you. The plate consist of mashed potatoes, baked chicken, and string beans.

"Thanks, it looks lovely," you say giving him a grateful smile before digging in because you were starving. Surprisingly the food was delicious and after the dinner that consist of you guys talking about anything and everything, you all went for a walk in a nearby park.


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