If I Could Fly (One Direction Preferences)

Have you ever imagine being in the lives of one of the boys? Well in this book, there are different scenarios they I see would happen if your were in a relationship with the boys. These stories are fictional!!!! This book includes all of the boys and were written by me, I highly advise that you don't plagiarize. I do take requests at anytime. :) The cover creator: @prosetry I hope you enjoy.


15. Dating Niall Would Include:

Dating Niall Would Include:

*Niall writing a romantic song about you

*hearing his laugh everyday

*him buying gifts for you on tour

*him cooking for you

*Meeting the boys

*visiting his family

*You wearing his tank tops

*baths together

*him cuddling with you

*him saying dirty things in your ear while out in public

*you sitting on his lap while watching television

*him using his Irish Slang when mad or upset about something

*dying his hair blonder once in a while

*him saying 'I love you' everyday

*Him turning you on when he gives you the look.


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