The Coldest Season


4. Windclan

Leader: Flamestar- Ginger she-cat with sharp amber eyes.

Deputy: Daisyleaf- brown-and-light-ginger she-cat

Medicine cat: Tawnybright- calico she-cat. Apprentice: Mudpaw, brown tom with white ear tips and tail tip.


WARRIORS: (Tom's and she-cats who are not currently nursing kits)

Owlberry- long-legged brown she-cat

Russettiger- ginger she-cat with dark gray tabby stripes

Redstorm- Calico she-cat

Thorntail- black tom

Patchrunner- black-and-white tom

Webbriar- white tom with black paws

Hailspots- gray she-cat with black flexes

Darkeye- black she-cat

Ivytail- brown-and-gray tom

Mumblewind- Long-legged black tom with ginger patches

Bramblefern- small brown tabby she-cat

Runningsnow- Long-legged ginger tabby tom

Hollybird- Dark gray tom with flat face

Burnleaf- Brown and ginger tom

Sheeptuft- white she-cat

Nettlejaw- brown-and-white tabby she-cat


APPRENTICES: (Young cats in training)


Willowpaw- Gray tabby she-cat, Apprentice to Webbriar 

Wetpaw- Dark gray spotted black tom, Apprentice to Ivytail

Mudpaw- Dark brown tom with white ear tips and tail tip, apprentice to Tawnybright

Tanglepaw- Ginger she-cat with kinked fur, apprentice to Nettlejaw

Mousepaw- Small brown tom, apprentice to Flamestar

Mothpaw- Golden she-cat, apprentice to Daisyleaf


QUEENS: (She-cats nursing or expecting kits)

Mossyflank- Gray-and-white she-cat, nursing Thimblekit and Polykit

Robinfur- Calico she-cat, nursing Snowkit

Smallpatch- Expecting Mumblewind's kits


ELDERS: (Retired warriors)

Currently none

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