The Coldest Season


2. Thunderclan

Leader: Froststar- White she-cat with one black leg and smaller black specks

Deputy: Mousechin- Plain brown tom

Medicine Cat: Yarrowleaf- Handsome cream tom with white ear tips and curled whiskers


WARRIORS: (Toms and she-cats not currently nursing kits.)


Beetlehum- Black-and-brown tom

Stonedust- Gray tom with dark brown flexes

Stripeear- Tiny brown tabby she-cat

Swiftfoot- Black-and-white tom

Goldendapple- Gold-brown she-cat with white ear tips.

Goosetuft- Gray tom with darker gray flexes

Sunleap- Ginger tom

Robinrunner- Calico tom with long legs and oddly short tail

Whitespot- Light gray tom

Beestripe- Brown tabby tom with oddly long front claws

Croweye- Black she-cat

Cinderstripe- Gray she-cat

Dustfeather- Light brown she-cat with black spots

Heatherfall- Cream she-cat

Silverspring- Light gray tom

Nutfall- Brown tabby tom

Sammy- Calico she-cat, formerly a loner

Graysky- Gray-and-white she-cat with curled whiskers


QUEENS: (She-cats nursing or expecting kits)

Cloudshade- Pale gray she-cat with white spots, mother to Pinchkit. (Clear white tom)

Blackbird- Black she-cat with sharp blue eyes, expecting

Ripplestripe- Dark gray she-cat with lighter gray stripes, mother to Reedkit, Sorrelkit, Brownkit, and Tumblekit.


APPRENTICES: (Young cats in training)

Breezepaw- White tom with black flexes, Apprentice to Silverspring

Redpaw- Calico she-cat, apprentice to Heathertail

Twistedpaw- Black tom with curved whiskers and tail, apprentice to Froststar

Littlepaw- Black tom with one white hind paw and white tail tip, apprentice to Stonedust

Pennypaw- Calico she-cat, resembles her mother Sammy, apprentice to Beetlehum.

Jaypaw- Blue-gray she-cat with darker grey specks, apprentice to Cinderstripe

Fishpaw- Golden she-cat, apprentice to Nutfall



ELDERS: (Former warriors who have retired)

Fallenclaw- battle-scarred black-and-white tom

Kestrelflight- Old black-and-brown tabby tom

Clearpool- White she-cat, blind in one eye

Flowerfur- Golden she-cat with dark brown paws

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