The Coldest Season


3. Shadowclan

Leader: Avocetstar- Ginger-and-brown tabby tom with battle-scarred body and crooked tail

Deputy: Robintail- Brown tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat: Aspennose- Black tom with unusually pink nose
  Apprentice: Nettlepaw- Small white she-cat with brown tabby splotches


WARRIORS: (Toms and she-cats who are not currently nursing kits)

Cherrydrop- Ginger she-cat

Spiderfur- Brown tom with gray ears and white flicks along back

Shadefur- Black tom

Hailstream- White she-cat with black paws, Sister to Rabbitstripe.

Jaystream- Gray tabby tom

Cinderstorm- Gray tom with black specks

Partridgepelt- Calico she-cat

Crowfur- Black tom

Rabbitstripe- Brown tom with black paws, brother to Hailstream.

Reedpelt- Dark ginger she-cat

Sharpfang- Tall she-cat with short stumpy tail

Swanwhisker- White-and-black she-cat

Beetlestream- Brown tom

Ivyfall- Gray tabby tom

Flywing- Ginger tom

Moleface- flat-faced brown tom


APPRENTICES: (Young cats in training)

Nettlepaw- Black-and-white tom, Apprentice to Aspennose

Quailpaw- Dark gray tabby tom with a flat face, Apprenticed to Crowfur

Sunpaw- Ginger she-cat, Apprenticed to Robintail

Birdpaw- Blue-gray tabby tom, Apprenticed to Ivyfall

Cloudypaw- Black-and-gray tom, Apprenticed to Flywing

Yewpaw- Cream she-cat, Apprenticed to Rabbitstripe

Fallpaw- White she-cat, Apprenticed to Hailstream


QUEENS: (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Willowflower- brown-and-silver she-cat, mother to Dustkit, Smokekit, Cloverkit, and Antkit

Mousetail- Small gray she-cat, mother to Dawnkit and Lizardkit


ELDERS: (Retired toms and she-cats)

Tornfur- Mottled white tom

Thistlefoot- Brown tom with swollen hind paw

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