The Coldest Season


5. Riverclan

Leader: Graystar- Blue-gray she-cat with unusually sharp blue eyes

Deputy: Tigerbounce- Massive brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws

Medicine cat: Fishtooth- Short-legged, mottled gray tom.


WARRIORS: (Toms and she-cats who are not currently nursing kits)

Birchthroat- Ginger tom with white legs and chest fur

Whitespot- White she-cat with gray ear tufts

Blaststrike- Handsome ginger tom

Littlemask- Brown-and-cream tom

Dustnose- Light brown tabby she-cat

Blackwater- Black tom

Rootfoot- Long-legged gray she-cat

Thrushfeather- Cream tom

Finchspring- White she-cat with black tail

Spiderbriar- Brown/white/black tom, crooked tail

Cedardapple- Gray she-cat

Smokesky- Dark brown she-cat

Ripplespirit- Silver tom

Breezestream- Black tom with folded ears

Rockthroat- Brown-and-black she-cat


APPRENTICES: (Young cats in training)


Shellpaw- Light gray she-cat, Apprenticed to Rootfoot

Silverpaw- Gray tabby tom, Apprenticed to Ripplespirit

Tidepaw- Dark gray tom with white flexes, Apprenticed to Blaststrike

Softpaw- Ginger she-cat, Apprenticed to Rockthroat

Adderpaw- Brown tabby, apprentice to Thrustfeather

Berrypaw- Cream tom with ginger chest fur, apprenticed to Spiderbriar

Duckpaw- Light brown she-cat, apprenticed to Breezestream


QUEENS: (She-cats nursing or expecting kits)


Springspot- Dark gray she-cat, mother to Flowerkit, Goldkit, Whitekit, and Harekit.

Poppypelt- Calico she-cat, mother to Skykit and Moonkit.

Honeyclaw- Ginger she-cat with scars along belly and face, sister to Liongrowl, mother to Battlekit.

Liongrowl- Golden she-cat, sister to Honeyclaw, mother to Rainkit and Stormkit.


ELDERS: (Retired warriors)

Toothfur- gray she-cat

Thawwater- White tom with broken front paw, retired early.

Mapleseed- Calico she-cat with unusually hind paws.

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