Dark Poems

Roses are red, and so is blood. . .


4. 4.



I love the way you smile, 

I love the way you smell, 

I love the way you look at me,

But only time will tell,

I love the way you think, 

I love the way you look, 

I don't love what you did to me, 

For my heart is what you took, 

I hate the way you used me, 

I hate the way you played, 

I hate the way I trusted you,

But then I was betrayed, 

But still I'd love to have you back,

And lie in your arms again, 

But for now, I talk to someone new, 

And claim you're just a friend

The times we we're a great part of my life

But now I'm left with friendship

And holding my heart with a knife

My heart feels the love

But then it disappears

My stomach feels the butterflies

whenever he is near

My eyes see the things

That everyone hears

But when will I notice this will

Always bring me to tears

He will always fill

A special part of my life

But he doesn't realize all the pain

He adds to the knife

This knife is a barrier

That makes everything worse

It will never let go

It will always disperse

As the name is thrown out

It becomes its own verse

But when will he see that it is a name

That will soon be sent to burst

Life is a game

That will always be played

But love is something that has to be made

I know this only

Because my heart has shattered

You broke it


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