Dark Poems

Roses are red, and so is blood. . .


20. 20.



I don't care any more 

I don't care if you wanna go

I don't care if I will be lone

I don't care if you dead or still

A life ... because I swear I don't care just go and leave this all behind .. because I'm

Over it I'm over it to be Forsaken maybe I will cry

A river but I will build a bridge and get over it just go and don't look back because

I will fix my scars

I will never look back and

I will stab my heart if he misses it

 Maybe we are cold because we are vampires but

I don't believe how cold you are to forget me

I'm trying to take out your memories from my mind

Im trying to stop my tears from falling down because you don't deserve them

I'm fighting the emptiness inside me because she is killing me

But don't worry my love it will go with time

It's easy to find what is wrong and hard to find what is right

But I will walk in my new way and leave the past behind opening my wings and fly away from you  

From this place and from your cold world to start my new life ....


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