Dark Poems

Roses are red, and so is blood. . .


17. 17.

My mind is a canvas that I make my own, Depending on my mood, I'll let some be shown,

Showing it may be dark, and sometimes light, But no matter what it is, it'll make a hard bite.

Beware of my impulses and mistakes I am to make,

They can be so intense, it'll make your bones shake, I am that I am, forever more,

Don't be afraid, of the blood and the gore.

When you see what I see, this war in my mind, You'll know the reason, why I'm not so kind, It goes on and on, without precious end,

It damages me so, with an unbearable bend.

Depression is what I call it, it swallows me whole, Me, myself, and I, but mostly my soul,

Don't look at my canvas with sorrow or remorse, It will take you and I down, with unstoppable force. Look away, for your own sake please,

Keep your happiness and live life with ease, I wouldn't want to bury you with me here,

Acknowledge this, and leave me alone, my dear...


                                                                                Leave me to my own dark mind.

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