7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


9. Sam (A Vial Of Demon Blood)


You nonchalantly played with every object you could get your hands on, without hurting yourself. Tumbling around a bit, you finally found the most normal thing, a small glass bottle. You pulled the item out and stared at it. It was a vial containing some kind of crimson red liquid. Studying it more, you figured that it was blood. You panicked internally for a little while, but calmed yourself when you saw Sam reaching out to take his stuff back.


“It’s mine. Sorry if it freaked you out,” he said apologetically.

“Nah~ Not that much. No worries, Sam!”

“Heh. So I guess it’s you and me now, huh?” he rubbed the back of his neck.



You both smiled at each other, Sam more sheepishly than you. Soon, whatever was happening between you two turned into the most awkward body language session ever. Dean, the angels and Crowley weren’t sure how to feel about this comedic situation; whether they should laugh out loud or usher you into the closet with Sam ASAP. Luckily, Dean interfered right on cue.


“Clock’s ticking, Sammy!” he shouted huskily.

“Oh! Right!” Sam replied.


You both changed your location to the dark, tight closet. Sam closed the door, leaving a small squeak outside. It’s been a long time since everybody knew, except you, that Sam had a massive crush on you. Darkness couldn’t help his shyness, as Sam’s body fidgeted while being so close to yours. You stumbled around a bit, trying to find the safest way for physical contact with your best friend. It was quite a challenge because he was like a skyscraper and you were like a two-story apartment. Your hand landed on his chest, making him flinch. “Sorry,” you whispered softly. Swiftly, your mind changed its focus to Sam’s heartbeat. You were pretty sure if his heart had legs, it would have jumped out of his mouth by now. Tilting your head in confusion, you didn’t understand what caused Sam to react this anxiously, so you asked.


“What’s wrong, Sammy?”

“I-It’s nothing.”

“Okay… That’s weird.”

“What is?”

“You usually correct people when they call you Sammy.”

“Ah. I’m fine…since it’s you.”

“Uh huh~ Besties forever, Sammy!”

“…Actually, I was hoping…”


“…That we could be more than just best friends.”


Sam nervously shifted his face a bit closer to yours, trying to find some kind of signal in this damn lack of light. The atmosphere was painfully quiet, which did not help him with his bundle of fear. In his mind, there were worst case scenarios playing in a loop, on the topic of how you would reject his feelings. He was almost literally beating himself with a big imaginary hammer again and again in his head. That was until you gently placed your hands on his shoulder, before standing on tiptoe, as you gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. His eyes nearly popped out of his head at your sudden romantic gesture. Thankfully, you didn’t notice that, so he worked up more courage in touching you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close, as the kisses got more heated. He nibbled your lower lips and licked your tongue passionately; trying to memorize every taste, every smell, and every sensation. Concluding how sweet you were, he quickly stored every moment in his hippocampus. You broke the kiss, breathless; your hands still gripping on his shoulders.


“Wow… Sammy. That was…urm…”

“It was great. No, scratch that. It was more than great.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

“…Wanna do it again?”

“Hells yeah!”


Chuckling out loud, he pushed you against the wall; his hands caressing your sides. You breathed out a slight moaning murmur near his parted lips. Without any warning, he forcefully took yours with his own. Lustful hunger filled the both of you instantly, as he strapped his knees between your legs while your limbs positioned themselves to keep two bodies warmly attached. You roamed your fingers on his back, while his hands impatiently unbuttoned your shirt. Suddenly, there was a loud bang on the door, followed by Lucifer’s voice.


“I believe you’ve reached the time limit, guys.”

“Damn it!” Sam cursed under his breath.

“Make yourselves proper before I destroy this fucking door~” Lucifer sang.



Sam immediately pulled away from you, as you both fixed your clothes. When Lucifer did turn the closet door into tiny pieces, you walked out hand in hand; your eyes were still gazing upon each other’s. In the background, you heard Dean whistling some annoyingly teasing tunes. Gradually, you let go and walked to the middle of the room. Sitting back down, Sam took a quick glance at you; and he knew, when you looked back, that it was the start of something new, something amazing, something wonderful.

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