7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


1. Prologue

~Summer passes, and autumn comes. The raindrops pouring down on your window makes you sigh as you start remembering. The director, Ms. Griffin, told you the true story of how you became an orphan after your endless pleadings. It was a stormy night when a couple came knocking on her door, holding a little baby in their arms. They were in a state of panic when they handed you over and begged her to hide you. She tried to get more words out of them, but the only information she got was to salt the door and that they would return for you if they could. However, they never showed again, so she officially took you under her wings. You have always been a curious child. As soon as you learn how to read, you would hole up in a corner of the library, trying to get your hands on every book she had to offer. She was a bit worried at first, because you seemed too serene for your age. Other children tend to love toys more than books, after all. Her concern was proven right when she saw you being bullied. She quickly stopped the childish brawl and gave you a piggy-back ride to the infirmary. Little did she know, you were grateful; not only for her help, but also for opening your eyes to kindness. Although, there’s another secret you buried deep in the back of your mind.




You realized there was something different about you when you turned 17 and certain things happened according to your imagination; such as real candies falling from the real sky after you watched Bedtime Stories and your bullies turning into toads or frogs after you wished for it. You were a bit scared of yourself, because you didn’t believe you were capable of anything. That was until a man suddenly appeared in your room and tried to kill you. He could only mutter up a sorry, pulling out his weapon when you abruptly froze his movements. You stared at him in disbelief, you were getting more confused by the minutes. Leaving him there alone, you opened the fridge to get a Coke and drank it in one gulp. You were beginning to calm down when you decided that you need answers. You then unfroze the man’s face, but not his body. He seemed shocked at his current state, a bit embarrassed even, but he answered all of your questions earnestly.


A long while has passed, and you managed to learn a lot about yourself. You are half-angel, half-demon, a Nephalem. Your parents had committed a dreadful act against Heaven by falling in love with each other and gave birth to you. They received their punishment, that’s why they could never come back. He also mentioned that your power is very unique and unpredictable, which makes it a dangerous weapon for anyone who gets a hold of it. It was a challenge for him to find you, also because of your ability to stay invisible under both angels and demons’ radars. You were listening and watching him very carefully, till silence falls again. You were trying to process everything in an even-tempered manner, but you couldn’t control your feelings as you burst into tears. Your parents are no longer in this world, you are a freak; no, that’s an insult to freaks. Your power is a curse, your very existence is a burden. The bottom line is you could never fall in love with anyone, without having them hunted by angels. Your feelings were making your power go haywire, everything in your room was falling apart in front of you. The male angel stood there, nervously trying to think of a solution or a way out. Then, to his surprise, his surrounding was peaceful. He glanced over you, confused when he was able to move again.


“What is your name?”


“Heaven gave you direct orders?”

“Not exactly.”

“I understand. You may kill me, Castiel.”


“If I have to live in a world, where I can never love and beloved by my destined one, then I’d rather not been born.”


Castiel was astonished by your reply. Love is a centuries old word that he has heard sliding down humans’ tongue, but he never truly understood that particular feeling. However, his insides were getting jumbled up when he saw you facing him onward, preparing to die under his blade. Did he not want to kill you? Or did he not want to see you dead? His train of thoughts was out of its trails. He found his answer when he looked straight into your eyes. He thought them beautiful. He came up with a solution and he immediately zapped you into the Winchesters’ 1967 Impala. Your life began to change from then.




Four years have passed, since you first met Castiel. Then came Dean and Sam Winchester, great hunters and really nice at heart. Along the way, there was Michael and Gabriel as archangels, Chuck as The Prophet of The Lord, Crowley as the King of Hell; Lucifer doesn’t need an introduction and Balthazar. You’ve also met Raphael, Zachariah, Anna and Uriel; but they were mean to your friends. Even though you could control your feelings very well; when it comes to the people you truly care about, you couldn’t care less if the world were to burn if their enemies burn along with it. Every time you were going to use your power, Dean and Sam had to gang up on you and Castiel had to zap you back inside the motel room. Certainly, the job would be done much faster with your help, but they couldn’t risk having more angels or demons pinpointing your location. Today just happens to be one of those days. You’re laying your back on your bed all alone and waiting for them to return. Suddenly, you shot your eyes open upon hearing the sound of fluttered wings. You quickly glanced at the source, just to find Gabriel and Balthazar sitting on your bed.


“Balty and Gabby, what can I do for you?”

“Hi kiddo~ Let’s play a game!”

“Bonsoir, mademoiselle.”

“A good evening to you, too, Balty. And no putting me in one of your slutty costumes again, Gabby.”

“I like it when you talk dirty~ But no, we’re gonna play 7 minutes in Heaven!”


“Yep! I got all of our stuff in this ridiculously long black hat you humans seem to idolize right here!”

“You’re joking, right? Balty, say something.”

“What a splendid idea, brother.”

“I know, right!”

“Seriously?! You guys are unbelievable!”


The moment you finished your sentence, Crowley appeared on top of you and out of nowhere. Before the angels could push him off, you panicked and flicked him to the wall.

“OUCH! Jesus!”

“Wah! I’m sorr-wait-Jesus? Really, Crowley?”

“You’re a vision as always, darling,” he replied with a gruff Scottish accent and a smirk on his face.

“Don’t try to sweet-talk me, Crowley. What are you doing here?"

“Before I answer that, may I ask the reason why those angelic goons are sitting on your bed?”

“They want to play a dumb game called 7 minutes in Heaven.”

“Oh. I want in.”

“I want in on it, too,” said Michael.


Everybody froze to turn and look at Michael. All of you were on your guards, simply because Michael is the most powerful creation of God and you are a Nephalem. The guys noticed your uneasiness and gathered in front of you. You were about to turn Michael into a lifeless doll when he gently laid his eyes on you as he reassured everyone that he came in peace.


“I’m not here to hurt you, child.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Father had personally gave me an order implying that you must be protected at all cost.”

“You’ve seen Father?” Gabriel asked, his eyes filled with hope.

“He appeared only in a reverie, my brother.”

“He’s still alive?” Balthazar is still trying to get hold of the news.


“But why would God want her to be safe?” Crowley added.

“Why, indeed? I know I’m a sore in your eyes.”


You lowered your eyelids when everyone laid their gazes upon you. Without warning, you felt a warm hand lifting your chin; it was Michael’s.


“Dearest one, to me, you are nothing but graceful.”

“Dude! You stole my line!” Gabriel raised his voice.

“I’d have to agree with the archangel on this one,” Crowley grunted.

“Bien dit, brother,” Balthazar gave out a grin.


Your mind was spinning circles by this whole situation when the door opened. Castiel, Dean and Sam walked inside just to find you completely surrounded. They immediately assumed the worst when they saw Michael touching you.


“What are you sons of bitches doing to her?!” Dean yelled as they quickened their pace to your side.

“Relax! We’re just gonna play a game together,” said Gabriel.

“That’s right. We mean no harm,” Balthazar added.

“Oh really? What game?” Sam inquired.

“It’s 7 minutes in Heaven, moron,” replied Crowley.

“What does that mean, exactly?”


Castiel gave out his signature puppy look when he doesn’t understand something. Dean and Sam were rolling their eyes at his seemingly innocent question, while the angels and Crowley were chuckling. You could have explained the rules to the clueless guy, but you decided not to ruin his virtuous mind. That is until Lucifer came flying into the room.


“It is a common human’s game, in which the only rule is for the female player to pull something out of a container without looking. If she holds a male player’s particular object in her hand, then they’d have to go into the dark, tight closet and spend 7 minutes close to each other. Oh and hello, sweetheart,” Lucifer calmly gave you a smile.

“Lucie. Please don’t tell me you’re in on this, too. And how do you know so much?!”

“Oh hell no! I’m not gonna have you feathery assholes playing some shady games with her!” Dean cut in.

“Yeah! Especially, not you, Satan!” Sam followed up.

“You all can join in, too, if you want,” said Crowley.

“That would be lovely,” Lucifer stated.

“Wait,” your voice turned anxious.

“Can I add my item now?” Castiel asked.

“Cas, not you too?! Dean, Sam, help me out here!”

“Uh…” Dean and Sam were also adding theirs to the bunch.

“Alrighty~ Now that everyone has gathered. Let the game begins!"

“No, no, no, no, no!” you were about to run off when Michael put a binding spell on your nape.

“With this, no matter where you hide, I would always be able to find you. However, if you decide to join us, I will remove it from your skin when the game ends.”


“We’re going to have so much fun,” Lucifer gave out a laugh.


You glare at Dean and Sam, who are now looking at you with apologetic expressions. You realized that you have no other choice than getting this game over with; so you gave all of them a threatening stare before dipping your hand into the hat. You shuffle around a bit before you pull out…

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