7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


8. Michael (A Green Tea Leaf)


You closed your eyes tightly, as your fingers trailed through everyone’s items in a detailed touch. It wasn’t very long before you pulled out some sort of plants. Putting the object near your nose, you took in a pleasant and refreshing aroma. “Green tea, huh?” you thought, “Whose is this?” Your eyes scanned the whole group, curiously looking for answers, until you saw Michael raised his hand. Unconsciously taking a step back from everyone else, you were about to bolt out of the room, but who could ever outrun God’s eldest archangel? In a split second, your entire body was scooped up on Michael’s shoulder by only one of his arm. Next thing you knew, you were staring at a beautiful pond, decorated with a swirly tree image above the water. In the middle of it all, there was a valley-like sitting place, filled with white pillows.


Blinking twice while Michael set you down, your mouth gaped in awe at the peaceful scenery. When you finally turned to face him, Michael offered you his hand, wanting nothing more than to accompany you to sit down with him. You were hesitant at first, but you eventually took his guiding hand to the centre of the lake. None of you have said a word to each other, nor looked away. The complicated tension between you was eating you up inside, so you decided to take the initiative.


“Where have you taken me?”

“Heaven. Well, my Heaven to be exact.”

“Your Heaven? I’m afraid I don’t get what you meant.”

“Humans tend to think that Heaven is just one place, but it is not. Everyone’s Heaven is consisted of their own favourite or peaceful images; thus when an angel or a worthy soul wanders around, they will see many different locations. However, a worthy soul may never enter an angel’s Heaven or they would be burned alive.”

“So, if I am inside an archangel’s Heaven, how come I’m still alright then?”

“Being a Nephilim has its perks, darling.”


Your cheeks were a bit flushed by the gentle choice of word, causing you to turn your gaze away from Michael’s sky irises. That’s why you didn’t notice his pained expression when he thought you despised him for having given out the order of your parents’ assassination. Michael always assumed that he would one day lie helplessly under your heels with a blade to his neck as you carried out your revenge. If the time were ever to come, he would gladly die with your deep orbs being the last thing he saw. Smiling to himself at the silly thought, since when did he become such a softie? He was the Commander of God’s Army, the most devoted of all; and yet even if the Lord wished for him to finish your life, he would never be able to do so. Fortunately, his assignment was to keep you safe from all kinds of harm, to which he willingly obliged.



“Yes, dear?”

“Y-You seem to be lost in thought.”

“Oh, I am sorry. I did not mean to ignore you.”

“It’s alright. I don’t mind.”

“Can I ask you something, child?”

“Go ahead.”

“What would you do, if I were to kiss you?”


Widening your eyes at an unbelievable size, you were caught off guard by the Viceroy of Heaven’s question. You were wondering if he was asking for your consent or if he was testing your water. Either way, he left you utterly speechless. You felt as if your face was on fire, as you tried to look away from those gorgeous orbs of his. Escaping wasn’t a doable option at this point, so you did the possibly only sensible thing at this moment. You moved closer to the most powerful archangel, as you placed your hand to cup his face softly. He returned the kind gesture by placing his hand onto yours; his thumb stroking your skin lightly. The intense silence would have been overbearing for anyone else, but not for you, and certainly not for him. You could have gotten ever-lastingly lost in his eyes without complaints any day. Slowly and gingerly, your lips pressed against his. He let himself lean into your touch, as he cupped your jawline with his fingers. Passionate lips tangled with each other until they become slippery, due to the amount of saliva forming. Michael was the first one to pull away, leaving you room for air. Was it just you or did the archangel seemed perplexed somehow?


“My cherished,” he called.

“Y-Yes?” you were still not used to his considerate words.

“Before I had to take you back to your friends, I would like to tell you something,” he stroked your arms tenderly.

“Of course,” you caressed his silky hair.

“I-I…I am the reason why your parents no longer exist,” he hung his head down in shame.

“I know,” you spoke lowly, still massaging his scalp.

“…You must loathe me so,” he bit his lips nervously.

“I did, at first. But I also understood,” you lifted his head to face you.

“Understood?” his eyes were filled with confusion.

“I understood the reason, your reason, as the dutiful soldier and the loyal son,” you pecked his lips shortly, “I also saw what the Lord’s orders did to you behind those eyes; they are full of sadness and regrets. You casted your own brother out of Heaven because your Father wished for it. No other creatures may never tell you this, so I shall. I forgive you, not out of mercy, but sympathy.”


When tears began to form at the corner of his blue eyes, Michael was surprised. He never knew that he could cry, much less because of one simple word. “Sympathy,” it circulated his mind. Blinking a few times to adjust his eyesight and to let those small drops fall freely, he felt something he thought was long lost. Love. Yes, he loves you. Perhaps, he had already fallen at the very first sight. Feeling your fingers wiping the wetness on his face, he chuckled.


“Crying and smiling altogether, Michael? I would never have pictured.”

“I love you,” he kissed you.


“I love how you call my name,” he kissed you again.

“Michael, I…”

“My precious, can I ask you another question?”


“Be my mate for all millennia to come?”


When an angel mates, they mate for life. You knew that much, which was why you felt astonished by Michael’s proposal. A few seconds of silence almost drown the archangel’s heart, until you wrapped your arms around his neck and whispered, “Yes.” From the slight vibration of his chest, you felt him breathing a sigh of relief. You smiled at his innocent agitation, wondering whether everything was just a dream. And if it were, you never want to wake up.

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