7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


7. Lucifer (A Red Pitchfork)

~You closed your eyes, and put your hand inside the big ass hat, but grimaced when something sharp poked your forefinger. Angrily, you yanked the item out with half the intention of breaking the damn thing. It was a small trident. Everybody turned their gaze upon you; their eyes filled with anxiety. Right at that moment, you felt chills on your spine as cold air surrounded you along with the particular scent of sulphur. Your lips curved into a big smile when you realized who you’d picked.


“The Morning Star!”

“My Sweet Midnight,” he spoke with his softest voice.


He grabbed your arm, hurriedly pulling you into the closet. Before he could close the door, Michael appeared in front of you two; his eyes tinted with hostility towards Lucifer. You could have sworn that you saw electric waves between the angelic brothers.


“If she comes out of this closet injured…”

“Yeah yeah, you’ll kill me.”

“Kill you? I would never make it that simple, brother,” Michael chuckled.

“Don’t forget about us, Luce!” Gabriel raised his voice while wagging his finger in circles.


The playful atmosphere quickly turned into a glaring contest to the death. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Lucifer; his eyes were fixed on Michael. Yours were glancing all around the room, sighing at the unpleasant sight. You broke the dangerously awkward silence by pushing Michael away from the closet and slamming it shut. You would not appreciate the mess they would make if it broke into a fight. Moreover, you wanted to spend more time alone with your dark prince. Not that you’d ever admit it. The temperature near you was dropping low, as Lucifer changed his position. He swiftly turned you around to face him, before pinning you hard against the closet’s door, knocking some wind out of your lungs. You didn’t mind his roughness at all; in fact, you were kind of expecting it.



“Let’s make some noise, babycakes~”


He smashed his lips into yours, with one hand holding your wrists above your head. He wasted no moments with marching his ways into your oral territory. You gasped a bit at the strange sensation of having a snake tongue dancing with your own. His knee jabbed the upside-down triangle shape of your private part, causing you to let out a light sexual noise. He smirked at the very suggestive sound, still stroking your warm lips with his icy ones. “Louder,” he groaned; moving his leg away from your pants, just to unzip and remove them. Your newly exposed skin shivered as he inserted a finger into your panties. He bit your neck, leaving noticeable kiss marks with full intentions of pissing off every single guy outside. You sobbed a little louder; cheeks flushing deep scarlet, almost breathless when he rubbed your velvet folds teasingly. Within each fondling, you felt yourself melting at his feet whimpering his name. You tried to suppress the volume by chewing on your bottom lip. He wouldn’t have any of it, of course. He enjoyed making a mess out of you too much to give you the secrecy you craved. He vigorously pushed one digit inside, earning quite a lewd moan.



“Shh, the walls are thin, hun.”

“Lucie, please…”

“Hmmm, sounds dirty. I like it~”



Lucifer continued violating the inner walls of your mouth with his fork-tongue, once again raising more heat between your thighs. You shifted under his touch, desperately trying to keep your body balanced with each thrust. He started to growl growing aroused. “This space is too small,” he breathed the words while chewing your ear lobe, stirring your feelings greatly. All of the sudden, he lifted your left leg and put it over his shoulder, as he leaned his body closer. You gulped when the bulge in his pants began grinding against your covered lady part. Your head was spinning madly; your logic and reason have both left the building, leaving you stranded in ecstasy. However, even lovers drown.


“Lucifer! I demand you let go of her this instance!” Michael’s shout shook the whole building.

“Time’s up, Luce!” Gabriel quickened his pace to open the door.

“No, it’s not!” Lucifer yelled, as he snapped his fingers, replacing the tight closet with a king size bed.


Your eyes shut tightly; you were still in a trance. Hearing the bed creak, you opened your half-lidded eyes to see Lucifer standing up, as he drew blood from his fingertips to paint Enochian sigils all over the walls. Michael can never find you now, he thought, pleased with his handiwork. Lucifer turned to look at you, while slightly sticking his fork-tongue out to lick his upper lip. He narrowed the distance between you seductively, removing his clothes in the progress. That night, he had you trapped under his skin over and over, no matter how hot your pleadings resonated in his ears. After all, he did plan to greet the neighbours, one way or another…

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