7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


6. Gabriel (A Chocolate Bar)

~Your hand moved around for a few moments, trying to grab something that wouldn’t poke or cut you. You winced once or twice when your fingers brushed against something sharp, but you eventually found some kind of textured paper. You decided to slowly take it out. When the object was revealed, you saw a bar of chocolate. It was your favourite flavour. You were about to tear the wrapper when you felt golden light blinding your vision. It took a little while for your eyes to adjust; opening them, you could have sworn that you saw Asgard. “Is it possible,” you thought to yourself when the sound of waterfalls got interrupted by someone’s voice. You recognized that voice.


“Welcome to my humble abode!”

“I should’ve gotten used to your tricks by now, Gabby.”

“Ah ah ah~ Witness protection, remember?” he waggled his forefinger in front of you.

“Alright, Loki, why in Odin’s name that you’ve taken me here?”

“WE are going to a party!”

“A party?”

“Oh yes!”

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly dressed for the occasion.”

“Not a problem!” he flicked his thumb and middle finger.


You flinched at the sound before noticing your new outfit; it was an exquisite celeste sequined and laced gown with sleeves long enough to cloak your wrist. Looking at your hands and touching your ears, they were filled with well-crafted, medieval gold & emerald jewelleries. You were truly amazed by the beautiful details covering your pale skin. You gave out a genuine smile; and Gabriel was pleased with his work.


“Come along now, kiddo!” he offered you an arm.

“What do you need from me?” you lock your arm with his.

“First, I need a pretty face for my date~”


“Second, I need an assistant for my pranks~”

“You got my attention. Whose it for?”

“That stupid little brother of mine.”


“Yep!” he grinned.

“You do remember that we only have less than 7 minutes before Michael chases after us?”

“Don’t worry! I’m great at quickies~”


You rolled your eyes at another one of his dirty jokes before the door opened, revealing an enormous dining room with a long banquet. Entering arm in arm with Gabriel, a.k.a Loki, caused every eye to look at your direction. You elegantly walked to your seat when Gabriel pulled the chair out for you like a gentleman. As soon as you got comfortable, Gabriel quickly took your hand and kissed your knuckles in front of every Asgardian available. Shocking gasps filled the room; there were laughs and whistles, too. Gabriel sat down next to you, as Balder made his way into your presence.


“Brother Loki, if she is one of your illusions, then I must insist that you remove her from our banquet,” Balder growled.

“Oh dear Balder, just when I thought that you couldn’t be more clueless, you’ve proven me wrong again!” sang Gabriel.

“…Then I humbly offer my sincerest apology to your lady,” Balder bitterly stated.


Gabriel gave you your cue right at that moment, and you knew what you must do in order to complete the prank as fast as possible. You slammed your hands on the table, as you turned to glare at Balder.


“I’ve never felt this insulted in my life,” you cried.

“…Once again, I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding,” Balder grunted.

“I demand justice by combat!”


The whole room went silent at your statement, while Balder had an annoying smirk on his face. You and Gabriel knew that he would underestimate you. That was his first mistake. Everybody instantaneously relocated to the arena. Gabriel were about to give you an appropriate armour; but he stopped in his tracks when he saw you ripping off the lower part your dress. He chuckled to himself, for it was an incredibly sexy sight. You picked out your favourite weapon - Sai - the type of blade that always comes in pairs. The fight began with loud howls in the background. Gabriel was focused on watching your movements; they looked as if you were dancing with fire. He was totally captivated. A few minutes later, Balder was lying on his back, still breathing but unable to move. You’ve claimed your victory fair and square. The Asgardians began cheering your name, as you made your way towards Gabriel. You placed your hands on his shoulders and whispered seductively, “I’ve come to collect my prize.”


Gabriel gave out a huge grin and snapped his fingers; then you were in his room. You didn’t waste any time in making the first move, as you hastily closed the gap between two bodies. Gabriel’s lips advanced closer to yours before taking them whole. You could feel him sucking your bottom lip with each kiss he gave. Without hesitation, you opened your mouth slightly and let his tongue slip right in. All of your senses were madly driven to the edge. He roamed his fingers on your back before moving them down to your rear. He gently lifted your legs, making you lose your balance, as he pinned you down on the floor. You shrieked at the sudden cold sensation. Gabriel noticed you shivering, so he magically made fur rug appear below you. You smiled sweetly at him, causing his heart to skip a beat and his manhood slowly rose. He leaned in to take your lips once again; his hands searching for a way to remove your clothes. After a few moments, he successfully threw every piece of clothing on your body away, leaving your naked skin glowing under the sunlight.


“How alluring…” his voice grew softer, as he laid his lips on your neck, biting.


“Something’s still missing, though~” he quickly move his head away.




He zapped a glass bottle filled with melted chocolate out of thin air and began pouring the liquid from your waist up. You shuddered at how warm and sticky your skin felt; it was invoking the darker corners of your mind. Gabriel realized his plan was working perfectly to his advantage when he could read your thoughts.


“My my, kiddo, how very naughty…naughty of you!”

“Damn it…” you titled your head in shame.

“I might as well have no choice, but to indulge…”

“Ah… Gabby!”




The next morning when you woke up, your body felt sore all over. You opened your eyes to the colour of Gabriel’s six golden wings coiling around your body. They were shining so brightly that you had to blink many times for adjustment. You reached out to one of them and brushed the feathers tenderly. Gabriel was smiling in his sleep, so you assumed that it made him comfortable; until you inserted your hand deeper into the layers and Gabriel shot his eyes open.


“…Don’t do that…”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did it hurt?”

“…Not exactly.”

“Then what seems to be the problem?” you continued your previous action.

“No… Wait…” Gabriel panted.

“Are you ok, Gabby? Did I do something wrong?” you retracted your hand and gave him a worried look.

“It’s just…they’re sensitive.”

“Sens-oh… I see…”


“So…should I stop?”

“…Keep going,” he pouted.

“You’re so cute.”

“N-no, I’m not!”

“Yes, you are,” you resumed caressing his feathers.

“N-hn-no. I’m not…”

“That’s one of the reasons why I fell for you, Gabby.”


Suddenly, you were flipped, lying on your back, with him on top of you and his wings hiding your vision. Gabriel stared into your eyes; his own filled with pure happiness. A smile appeared on your face as you turned your head to kiss his feathers lovingly. “I love you,” his voice grew deeper. “I want you today,” his lips brushing your own. “I want you tomorrow,” his teeth nibbled on your collarbones. “I want you next week,” his hand trailed downward your body. “I want you forever.” You closed your eyes, losing yourself wholeheartedly to his touch, wishing this heavenly moment would last an eternity.

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