7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


5. Dean (A Rock 'N' Roll CD)


You meticulously felt every object, but the one that caught your attention was something made of glass. Carefully trying not to hurt yourself, you pulled the item out. It was a Rock ‘n’ Roll CD. At that moment, you instantly knew who would be your 7-minute partner in the dark, tight closet; and you were not happy about it. The reason behind your displeasure was probably the fact that he is an extreme playboy who would flirt with any women in plain sight. Even though he is one of your closest friends, you still didn’t like the idea of being alone with him in narrow spaces. You gave out a heavy sigh before standing up and walking to the closet quietly. You could still hear the guys mumbling after you closed the door.


“Looks like she doesn’t like you, Dean-o! Wanna trade place?” said Gabriel.

“Back off, feathers! I should be the one doing the trade!” Crowley jumped in.

“Well, as the Viceroy of Heaven, it’s only fair that I claim my victory,” Michael added.

“Just shut your damn cake holes! The only one going is me!” Dean yelled angrily.


Dean followed your footsteps; he was feeling a little bitter because you seemed too unenthusiastic when you chose his item. Did he do something to upset you? What was it that made you despise him so? Questions kept popping out of nowhere in the back of his mind. He tried to calm himself, but it backfired as he slammed the closet door shut. You were startled by the loud noise and stood up too quickly, smacking your head against one of the shelves.



“What’s wrong?!”


Dean hurriedly came closer to check on you, just to trip on some messy clothing pieces; and next thing you knew, Dean had you pinned against the wall, his face buried in your chest. Neither of you saw this kind of awkward situation coming. Your face was turning redder than a tomato. You silently thank God for the darkness that hides everything. Things couldn’t have gone any worse, or so you thought. Dean caught the image of where he landed on immediately, but he chose not to move from that spot. He got a whiff of your sweet scent, and he did not want to let go. He wrapped his arms around you before he started kissing the revealing cleavage on your shirt. Your body tensed up when his touch reached your skin. Your mind was spinning out of control with each breath you take. You only managed to let out a few words with your shaky voice, as your knees were giving up on you.


“Dean… No…”

“Do you hate it?” Dean asked between his kisses.

“…It’s complicated.”

“Tell me,” he kneeled down, near your belly.

“Sam’s outside.”

“Ignore him,” he rolled up your shirt.


“Why?” he sucked the taste on your flesh.

“We’re friends.”


He abruptly stopped to stand up and look at you. He caught what you meant. He was never the friend-with-benefit type; you weren’t, either. None of you wants to see a great friendship destroyed because of lust. However, that was not the only reason. You have been harbouring intimate feelings for him, but you dared not say it. You were afraid he would reject you, therefore, humiliate you. You couldn’t make yourself believe he was capable of a serious, long-lasting relationship, because you knew better.


“Look, Dean. I’m not fine with just anyone, not like you.”

“Oh yeah? What is that supposed to mean?” he banged his fist at the wall.

“You know exactly what I meant!”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, let me spell it out for you. You’re a man-whore, Dean!”


“You’re a jerk, an asshole and a jerk!”

“Really? Jerk, twice?” he raised an eyebrow at your attempt of an insult.

“God! Why did I even fall in love with someone like you?!”

“Time’s up!” came Sam’s voice and three knocks on the door.


You flinched at the sound source; then casted your gaze on the floor. That’s it. It’s over. You’re an idiot, embarrassing yourself before he has the chance. Real smooth. Those kinds of thoughts wrecked the steady train of your mind. You tried to make a run to save the rest of your dignity, but Dean instantly grabbed your arm and spun you around. He locked his lips with yours, nibbling them passionately while his hands roamed on your back beneath your shirt. He soon broke the kiss; and to your surprise, he confessed.


“I love you, too, babe.”

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