7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


4. Crowley (A Velvet Rose)

~You were messing around with all their stuffs. When you felt something smooth against your fingertips, you pulled it out, revealing a velvet rose. You were confused, you didn’t realized whose it was. Before you could ask, you were swept away by darkness. You shot your eyes open to determine your location. It was a bedroom with walls made of medieval rocks. There were red curtains with golden patterns covering the balcony door. The furniture was so lavishing that you knew no commoners would be able to afford all of it. Then came the painful screams, and you realized that you were dragged down to Hell, by none other than the King of Hell himself.



“Yes, my love?”

“Don’t you ‘my love’ me! Take me back right now!”

“And why would I do that?”

“For your life. You know I could easily kill you, Crowley.”

“Ah, but you won’t now, will you?”


You were getting angry, because he was right. You wouldn’t kill him, even if he is a douchebag sometimes. You’ve always considered him a friend, maybe a bit more. However, you would kill yourself before you let him notice your feelings. Although, you’ve always made it clear that you enjoy his voice, his accent whenever he comes to visit. Little did you know, your actions were driving him to the edge. He has fallen in love with you at first sight. No matter how many times he denied them, those stupid feelings would never leave him alone. It was really frustrating. His mind would be filled with your image 24/7, making him unable to concentrate on any deals he made. He would go bankrupt eventually if he keeps letting you distract him. He couldn’t have any of that, not again.


“Alright! So I won’t kill you, but I can certainly make you miserable within 7 minutes.”

“I’m listening…” Crowley raised an eyebrow as he sat down on a velvet divan.

“No, you’ll need your eyes for this.”


As finished your sentence, you started to mute any sound from the outside and turned on your favourite song. Crowley was impressed by your power, but he honestly did not expect what you’re about to do. You slowly dirty danced to the music, as your fingers trace from your hips up to and over your breasts, reaching the strap of your bra and tossing it off your shoulder. He was astonished and dumbfounded at the same time. He was completely mesmerized. You didn’t stop there, though. Fully unzipping your dress, you walked to him and let it slide down seductively. As you moved closer, you unhook your bra, still swaying your body in a very, very naughty way.  When your pale creamy flesh showed, you sat on his knees, spreading your legs opened in his lap. Crowley set his glass of Craig down on the side table, eager to dig his fingertips into your skin as his member bulging in his pants.


“Nah ah~ You can’t touch me, not yet.”

“What? Why?”

“Unless you make a deal with me.”

“Alright, what do you want already?”

“I will lock my lips with yours, burning you with desires, for the last 2 minutes on the clock.”

“And?” he bit his lips in anticipation.

“If you manage not to touch me during that short time, I will do whatever you want.”

“…But?” his voice turned lower.

“If you touch me within the time limit, you’ll have to take me back perfectly clothed and sparkly cleaned.”



He forced his lips onto yours, taking all your breath away. He wasn’t patient enough to ask for your permission to slide his tongue in, exploring the wet walls of your mouth. He bit your lower lips, hard enough to make you bleed. You squealed a bit at the pain when you felt chills running down your spine. He licked your blood, trying to get a taste of every drop. The risqué sound of steamy French sessions filled the room. Just when he was about to gain his profit, Crowley’s hand betrayed him. Darkness covered you again. As soon as you opened your eyes, Gabriel and Balthazar tackled you to the ground. Castiel came to check on you at the speed of light. You assured them that you were fine, except for the head bum you just received from Castiel's brothers. They chuckled and Gabriel healed you as an apology. Crowley appeared right a few moments later, making him the practice target for every guy in the room. You swiftly stood in front of Crowley and neutralized the situation. You turned your head to look at him and gave him a sultry smirk. The glint in his eyes lit up, a grin crept onto his face because he knew there would be a round two.

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