7 Minutes In Heaven (Supernatural Version)

7 Minutes In Heaven with characters from the TV show Supernatural


3. Castiel (A Blue Tie)

~You reached with instinct and pulled out the first thing you touched. It was a piece of blue fabric. You stared blankly at the item for a second; then you felt fingertips touching your forehead. You are now standing inside the dark closet with Castiel, the puppy dog eye Seraph. Even though it was darker than you expected, you could still see his sparkling ocean eyes. Silence fell awkwardly, and you couldn’t take it anymore.


"Actually, we could do anything you want, Cas. Just ignore Lucie."

“Oh, I see,” Castiel replied with his usual hoarse tone.

“Come here, sit beside me.”


“You know you could tell me anything, Cas.”

“Yes, I know.”

“So how would you like to spend the next 7 minutes in here?”


Just when you thought you could remove stiffness in the surrounding air, then it was silent again. The quest of trying to make this situation as pleasant as possible for you and your friend has failed miserably. You almost gave out a sigh of defeat when Castiel held your hand in his.


“I want to do this,” he said.

“Sure, let’s hold hands to pass the time,” you smiled at him.

“That’s not all I want to do.”

“I’m all ears, Cas."

“This, too.”


He cupped your chin with his fingers and pulled you closer to him. There were only a couple inches of air between you two. You could feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest and you wondered if he could hear your heartbeat. You quickly brushed off the thought when you remembered that he could read minds. You closed your eyes, thinking about the colour of the night sky. That would always help preventing angels from scanning your head. It wasn’t too long before Castiel leaned in and gave you a lingering peck on your lips. You felt heat rising to your cheeks, as you were about to lose control. Corruption is always tempting, but you did not want to personally corrupt your angelic friend. Little did you know, you let your guard down and he saw your thought.


“You told me that I could tell you anything, right?” asked Castiel.

“Oh, yes. Of course, Cas,” you were awoken from your trance-like state.

“I want you to corrupt me.”

“…Do you truly know what that means?”


“You would know lust,” you shifted your body.


“It is a sin,” you moved to sit in his lap.

“Yes,” he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“You will never find your way home,” you intertwined your fingers on his nape.

“My home is wherever you are.”


You started kissing Castiel’s rough lips with greed and impatience. He obediently opened his mouth, allowing your tongue to come through. You were amazed when he was able to match your pace, even though he’s inexperienced. His right hand slipped under your shirt, fumbling its way to your breast. You trembled at his touch, as his panting breaths reach your eardrums. Things would have gone a lot further if Dean didn’t open the door, just to find you two sitting in opposite directions. “Good God! Did you two even do anything?!” he yelled. You giggled to yourself, planting the image of blank black inside your mind again, so no angels could catch a glimpse of what really happened. You looked over Castiel; he was widely grinning. When you two stood up, his lips came close enough to mouth some very intriguing words, “Shall we continue our previous deed somewhere more private, after the spell’s removal?” A wide smirk appeared on your face, as you leaned a little closer to his ears whispering, “How could I possibly allow something so innocent go uncorrupted on my watch?” You pulled away oh-so-quickly, leaving his mind wandering as his cheeks turned vermillion - the colour of carnal shame…

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