Kristen's lovestory with kitty

This story is about Kristen, who is 15 years old, and starting at a new school and then meets the very beautiful and popular Kitty, who is secretly a lesbian.


1. Kristen's version of school

"Kristen get up, you have to get to school" I look up at my mom, with a weird face " do i have to go to this new school", " Kristen I know it's hard making new friends, but you have to at least try, you'll never know, who might surprise you".

I get out of bed, put on a long blue blouse, long gray pants and my favorite shoes, which are black shoes, with a blue moon and stars on it.

I walk out the door and into my mom's car and then we drive to My new school.

I get to my new locker and opened it, with the code I got yesterday m, which is "359", I put my backpack in it, and take my books and go down the hall, that's when I see her. I walk past her and into my classroom, she is sitting to the right, and a little behind me. There about 5 people standing around her, 3 boys and 2 girls, the girls are not standing so close to her, then the guys are, it's makes me wonder why. The bell rings, the teacher goes in the class and says "welcome class to a new school year, and new classmates"

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