The Original

I am The Original.

Not to mention, I'm half-human.


1. .Intro/Backstory.

(This story is fanfiction.)


(This story contains explicit language.)






                                               My name is Kahla I'm the daughter of Adam and Eve.  I'm not going to take the numerous amount of chapters and writing to explain what happened from the beginning. I'm not just a single-species supernatural being. I'm something that should be impossible. My parents wanted a child who is to never get sick, be incredibly beautiful, to be strong, kind, powerful, selfless, practically invincible. And what they got was a monster. A half-human, half-vampire hybrid. I am the supernatural being that started it all. Most of the supernatural community fears me. The First. The first Vampire, Werewolf, Warlock, Witch, and Shadowhunter.

                         I have a close group of friends that I have met on my past and current journey's and throughout my life; some mortal, some immortal. Here are the species in the Shadow World. In existence, there is only one breed of Witch. This breed hails from Mystic Falls,VA. Three breeds of werewolves. These breeds originate from Louisiana, Mystic Falls, VA and Beacon Hills, CA. Two breeds of vampirism exist, one from Louisiana and Mystic Falls, VA. Now Shadowhunters are a very unique species of hybrid. They are half-human/half-angel hybrids. Warlocks are a group of supernatural creatures that are the offspring of a Demon and a Human. Warlocks are not just immortal, they also have the skill to wield Magic. Warlocks have what the Shadow World call, a Warlock Mark. Every Warlock's mark is different.  Take my friend Magnus Bane for example, Magnus's cat eyes are his Warlock Mark. And the late Ragnor Fell, he had skin as green as a Chameleon's. But, he could not camouflage into his surroundings like one.

                              Some of the tales proceed me and some, false. You are probably wondering what my Warlock Mark is. Since my DNA consists of many different species, I don't exactly have a Warlock's Mark. When I am in my true form, it's pretty obvious that I am not human. I have long silver hair, my eyes go from a green'ish/blue'ish to a light purple, all sets of my fangs are bared, I lose the pigmentation of my skin, my battle scars and my runes show, and my nails protract into claws.














I will post more soon. I am jam-packed with school. Let me know what I can polish up and what you guys think. Any ideas? I am willing to take suggestions.

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