The Adventure of Pulse-Man

It all started one day, when a highly rich and respected man named Jackson founded the Inter-prize-Genesis, the I.P.G was a Lab that experiment on living thing be it Humans to insects, the positive result of the experiment was that the living being would gain awesome powers, the bad side is death, every victim that gain these powers are injected with a chip which force them to do Jackson will, Jackson plan on rising an army to conquer the whole North America and maybe South, he lunch them at the U.S.A and almost won if a a man..... no a man Volt, with his Lighting/Karate/near sonic quick speed skill defeated the entire wave on his own and Volt punch Jackson to prison, but however he was release a week later and disappear for one whole year and appear with the New Inter-Prize-Genesis and that where the story begin.


1. coming soon

Author note: The Omega covering was the thing that came to my mind, though it has nothing to do with the story, anyway the story is coming soon so until then I can only say my catch phrase, (YO, YO, YO, YO, YO) feel good alright.


  Note:May God Bless you and thanks be to God for the idea of this story.

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