A World Of Chaos

It all started in 2015. On Christmas morning, giant hole started to form in the earth all around the world. At first, everyone just thought in was because a shift in the earth. But no... they soon find monsters creeping out of the holes, demons... The most human like demon was named Abbadon. He was the king of demons who had millions of horrible kids with demons, humans, and anything of the supernatural. He hated everyone of them specially a daughter of his named Tresa which means " The Reaper." Her name is nothing like her though. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Her mother was a witch from a strong blood line over centuries ago that runs through both of their blood. Abbadon was actually nicer and was in love with Tresa's mother, Catherine. But when Catherine died from Tresa's birth, he became more terrible than he was before he met her. What made him even more angry was that Tresa was dormant meaning her powers were placed in a permanent sleep. He soon gave up on her not knowing his mistake.


1. Chapter One

" Happy birthday to me!" I sang alone to myself as a human servant placed a plate of mesh on the small table before me.

" I'm nine now Gretel!" I gave my servant a hug.

" Yes you are," She smiled as she have me a pat on the back.

" Do you think that daddy will wish me a happy birthday today?!" I was excited.

" I wouldn't get your hopes up Tresa," She frowned at me," you know your father is busy."

" But he visits Souls on his birthday!" I whined," even if he's there to insult him! It's not fair!"
" You must remember darling," She gave me a kiss on the cheek," this world isn't fair."

" Yes Gretel," I gave her one more hug before she left me.

That's when I secretly checked on my egg under my bed.

I fount it one day in the land of fire when I sneaked off from the castle.

It was faintly cracked and was left in a nest filled with egg shells.

With my nose, I could tell whatever the mother was, it's been gone for a couple of weeks.

I took it home with me knowing it was abandoned just like me.

Kissing the crack, it instantly healed.

This was also one of the secrets I've never told anybody.

I have healing kisses.

I brought rocks with me from the lands of fire and placed it around the egg keeping it warm.

" I think I'll visit Souls to wish him a happy birthday," I got up and left my room.

Souls and I were born on the same day, but he's a couple years older than me.

I walked down the dark long corridor to find a black door filled with a million voices crying out for the agony to stop.

Like always, I kiss the door easing their pain for only a little bit before entering.

" What are you doing here you brat?!" He spat at me.

Souls surrounded the boy following his every move.

His hair was jet black and his eyes were like a cat's. They glowed an eerie yellow on the marking that spread across  his body. He was wearing all black from head to toe.

" I came here to wish you a happy birthday!" I tried to hug him, but one of his souls slapped me.

" I didn't asks for that you idiot!" He grabbed me by the front of my dress," so get out before I have to make you."

" I was trying to me nice Souls!" I started to cry like a baby," you're my brother, and I thought you deserved kindness on your birthday..."

Before he could even reply, a knock came at the door.

Souls through me on the bed.

Souls straighten himself up before he opened the door.

Our father came in his hair snow white and eyes silver as always.

" Hello father," Souls bowed to him.

" Get on your feet you pathetic excuse of a son!" He grabbed Souls by the hair.

My eyes widen. Is he really going to hurt his own son on his birthday!?

" What is she doing here?!" He slapped him his eyes on me.

" I... I don't know!" He held back his tears as he own souls cried.

He slapped him again before throwing him into a wall.

" I wish you were never born!" He screamed.

Then he left as if nothing had happened.

The door slammed behind him on its own.

" Oh Souls!" I jumped down beside him.

" You caused this!" He yelled at me.

" Let me help you," I noticed his cheeks were bleeding.

" All you are is trouble!" His souls attacked me.

" Souls!" I cried out as they clawed at me in anger.

He smiled sinisterly at me evil deep in his eyes.

That's when I did the only thing I knew how to do.

I started to kiss at his souls.

Everyone instantly backed away feeling happy for once.

I ran at Souls and was able to land a kiss on him.

He instantly touched his wounds feeling them healing.

Then he looked at me in astonishment.

I ran out of his room still crying.

At the fastest speed I could, I ran into my room and locked myself in.
Why does everyone hate me?!



I was standing on the ledge looking out below.

The song of the night would soon come one.

That's when she saw her sisters fly out before the moon.

They were triplets.

The oldest one was named Luna. She had long black hair and dark blue eyes. Her skin was pale and her wings were black.

The second oldest one was named Storm. She had long blond hair and stormy grey eyes. Her skin was a little darker than Luna's and her wings were white.

The youngest one was named Runt. She had short brown hair and eyes. Her skin was dark and her wings are brown.

But Luna and Storm mistreats Runt because her voice doesn't sound as well as theirs.

" Why don't you sit out for this night Runt," Storm teased.

" Yea, and maybe a demon or two might want to listen to out music," Luna rolled her eyes.

" But... I love to sing..." She frowned.

" You can't sing though," Storm said," so you might as well learn to love something else."

" I think she sings actually pretty good!" I yelled out.

They looked down at me with hatred.

Even Runt glared down at me.

" This is none of your business dormant!" Runt yelled.

" I... I was trying to help you!" I screamed.

" I don't need your help!" She snapped.

" We are sisters though!" I looked down below once again," we're suppose to help each other."

" You are not my sister!" She flew down and grabbed my by the throat," my mother was a vampire. Yours was a whore!"

" No!" I choked out as her hand squeezed around my neck," she... she was a strong witch..."

" Go tell that to your human siblings!" She hung through me off my terrace.

I screamed out as I tumbled down in the darkness.

That's when my back hit something hard and everything went black.

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