The Knight

Indigo lives as a soul in living flesh on planet Kaba. For 2,798 years, she had been accomplishing her one and only mission: to re-create the Demon-Slayers and to destroy the Demon World. Although she is half Demon herself, she continues to work against her own kind. She had succeeded in building her army of Demon-Slayers, but her time had finally come for her to face her past and destroy what she had once called home. Clyde is an average citizen of planet Kaba, but for all his life, he had been haunted by one Demon who was after his flesh and soul. When he had met Indigo, his life and destiny had been changed. He joins her army to fight the Demons.


1. The Coming

      The sun was setting, showing bright orange and dark purple across the sky. In the clear but tall grassland, stood a pack of wolf-like creatures with significant colors not found in an animal. They all had feathered wings and long hair. They also had interesting designs and symbols on them. They were watching a burning rock that was falling from the sky and watched it land. Not much of an explosion, but the pack was on their feet.

        "So, it really came." A dark red wolf-like creature with black wings and amber eyes said deeply. The others looked down, depressed looking. " It is true after all? Haguse's words were true." Another said. She was dark green with icy-blue wings and white eyes. The dark red one nodded. "Then we must move before it wakes up in 300 years." She said, spreading her wings. "NO. Not yet." A black creature with white wings shouted. Everyone stopped.

        "We will stay here." He exclaimed. "No, haven't you heard Haguse's words? We must leave." The green female said. The black male blinked. "You haven't heard everything he said." He said. Everyone stopped. "you...know something?" The red male said. He nodded.

        "More then you think. Haguse had told me while everyone was leaving. He said 'but one of the five will be given a Voice. One that will surely turn and be the Chosen for the prophecy." he explained. A grey male with yellow wings laughed. "do you really think that will turn a new leaf? Is that even possible?" He asked. The black male turned to him. "These are souls whom their desires have not yet been met. They still desire it even now. The Councel knows one of their desires." He said. no one said anything.

           "If this is that one, then there is hope. But we just have to wait 300 years from now. That is, if there are no attacks." He said. Everyone calmed down. The green female sat down. "but...why didn't Haguse tell us?" She asked. "it was because he trusted me to keep it. I may even be the next Teller after him."


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