The Knight

Indigo lives as a soul in living flesh on planet Kaba. For 2,798 years, she had been accomplishing her one and only mission: to re-create the Demon-Slayers and to destroy the Demon World. Although she is half Demon herself, she continues to work against her own kind. She had succeeded in building her army of Demon-Slayers, but her time had finally come for her to face her past and destroy what she had once called home. Clyde is an average citizen of planet Kaba, but for all his life, he had been haunted by one Demon who was after his flesh and soul. When he had met Indigo, his life and destiny had been changed. He joins her army to fight the Demons.


2. 300 years later

        It was the night of the eclipse. The same group had arrived and watched as the Demon Patrol had flown and landed right in front of the rock that had landed 300 years ago. The group trembled as the Demons arrived. The black male, whose name was Kya, knelt down. "I just pray something good will happen." he said. everyone else agreed and knelt down, not even noticed by the Demons.

       The rock had started cracking as if it were an egg with a hard shell. The symbol of the Knight began to disappear. Then, after a small explosion, out came the Knight. The group gasped. "That's a Knight? No wonder they won all those battles. I can tell already that they are powerful." The green female, Tensia, exclaimed, almost jumping up. The Demons cheered for their Savior. They were there as a start for the Knight's army, it's followers.

       The Knight was a tall, black dragon with an armored body and large, webbed wings. it's face was masked and it's front teeth hung down like a saber-toothed tiger. It's eyes were yellow with red slits like a snake's eyes. it breathed heavily as it slowly walked out of it's shell. The Demons stepped closer, but one of them came closer. "here we are, leader. Tell us, what is your name?" He asked with a high but low voice. The Knight blinked. Then, with a powerful swipe, the Knight knocked the Demon's head off. The other Demons screamed and leaped backward. "Wha-what have you done? We are your first followers?" one of them shouted.

       The Knight attacked the group of Demons, killing them one by one. The group hiding arose with surprise. "That's the one!" Kya said. After the Demons were killed, the group slowly approached the Knight, both scared and alarmed, hoping I would not kill them too. Kya stepped up. The Knight looked at him with a bloody face. "I-I am Kya, leader of the Gati of planet Kaba. We saw what you have done. Are you the Knight with the Voice?" He asked. Everyone behind him had their breath taken away. They were talking to a Knight, which was suppose to be their enemy, but hopefully not this one.

        The Knight licked away the dripping blood from it's mouth and blinked. "I am Indigo. I am the Knight whom my desires had been met. The Voice."   

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