We're just friends! C.T.H. (ON HOLD)

Calum asks Ariana to join him and the boys on tour! She says yes! What will happen when the paparazzi's catch Ariana and Calum together? Will their secret relationship get exposed to the world?

Note: Ariana's full name is Ariana Grande!!(yes the singer, but she isn't that famous yet! She only has a YouTube channel where she sings, the channel has 723 subscribers)


4. plane ride!! chapter 3!!!

Arianas P.O.V.

~~~~On the flight~~~~

I sat in the middle of Calum and Luke on the plane ride. I was snuggled up to Calum, and we held hands. It ended up with me falling asleep, with my head on his shoulder, our hands were still holding each other, just a little more loose. I woke up when the plane was landing. It has always hurt in my ears whenever I was on a plane, but it was never as bad as this time. Calum and Luke were still fast asleep, when I started crying. The pain was so bad. Calum woke up and cuddlet me in to his chest. "Every thing's gonna be okay." Calum said calm. "Shhh... Babe it's all gonna be good.. Shh." The pain ended up getting a little better, as we landed on the ground, but it still hurt as hell.

"You okay?" Calum asked as we got our luggage. "Yeah, but it still hurts as fucking hell!" I answered.

Lukes P.O.V.

"Something wrong?" Ashton asked me. "No. It's just that I woke up on the plane, and Calum called Ari babe. Do you think they're dating behind our backs?" I said. "Calum wouldn't do that. Would he?" Ashton asked. "I don't know... You know he'll do everything to be with her, and maybe she didn't want to say it!?" I said know a little more confused than before. "I don't know.. maybe?" Ashton said.

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